I'm back! Probably be gentle a litle bit

Hello everyone! I’m back from the forums!
Now that i’m back…let me tell you what happened.
Fristly i just got suspended as many as you know (Due to being racist…pity me.),i was quite wanted to see how does it look like being suspended.And then,i tried to make sec acc and got yet again…more suspended…I didn’t know you could get more supension while geting baned. The second suspension made me quiete shocked.
Now since i was gone,i just continued my life,learning,fun etc.
And speaking of the being back…i got that precious L-M item!

Pretty amaizing grapling hook,well…too bad that i just wanted heat one but the phys is ok.

And that’s pretty much it!
Just let you know…i missed you soo much.


Look what I got! :joy::ok_hand: Physicals doesn’t even want to corner me.


Also, welcome back! I hope you don’t become a… Ahem, you know again.

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A jerk?
Well that wasn’t the reason.
The reason is because that was racist joke i made.
Wich i didn’t know.
Also nice item lad.

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I have seen pretty much every topic with you in it, and never seen anything with that.

You didn’t see it probably.

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Also…i just too much notifications.
Ugh i’m becoming second yeet lmao.

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I have the cleanest notifications tab, every new topic I see everytime… Also go to everytime.

I’m kinda sad that Traf didn’t came.
And Zam just got suspended.


Oh and speaking of what happened when i got suspended.
I just reached 150 level.

Thank God.


The prize?

Some sheety epic of course.

Same for me in Level 60-140.

That will always happen to everyone.

Oh really? Winz got a VS in one of her Level UP boxes.

Lol what?

And it’s probably the reward at level 120

Ehh? Have I misunderstood?

Now you’re becoming my second clone lol

I don’t get it.

Ah forget it, i just need some focus alright?