I'm back... Enjoy time with 2ab.03?

Ok i have a holiday some day ago. Now i’m back, did u enjoy time with 2ab.03?



Ok. It’s pretty sad ;.; But why this be change on spam it’s make no sence-_-

Serious, I didn’t know you were gone.


no idea whats happening


That was a very short holiday, and no I did not enjoy time with 2ab.03


Ok ok so you guys don’t even know i left. But serious, I don’t even know…Seem like muhd don’t like me so sad :.;

I did, but I wasn’t even gonna be on the forums for a while so I frankly didn’t care due to me thinking we would go back on at the same time.

But what will happen if I never back and I will change name change avatar and deleted our my old topic, post and became new player.

I wouldn’t know. Unless you acted like the old 2ab

But if i not.

You would, you can’t instantly change your personality.

But what will happen if it change only in one day.

I would be sad but then move on.

um i am leaving soon to so no idea what to say

what about change this topic to A&Q it’s will be fun :smiley:

Oh come on!! Everyone is leaving SM and the Forum!!

youu never read my topic

Nah they will leave all on only 1-2 year more

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I did. You are Trump WROMG

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