I'm Back and ready for action


Hey all I’m back from the dead. I was just gone. Anyway, been on for two week, and now back in the forum. I’m “Golden Psycho”, building myself back up. I was known as JamAnime12. (Who ever has that account, please give it back) Now starting over. Every time I stop playing for a while, a big master change in the game happens. Anyway, hope to meet a lot of new members. See you in battle.


Welcome back! My name’s WinzKay :blush:


Thank you. :grinning:


Welcome back, there’s more unbalanced must-have items now :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back!!

My name is SeanChoi1870


Welcome Back Mr. Jam!

Since you’re back here are some things to watch out for this time around.

THE CLAW(L) (150) 0 Move 860 HP 226-314 PysDmg 1 Push
EMP (27) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 393 EnDmg 1 Uses (393/0 Cost)
HEAT BOMB (37) 2-4 Range 40-59 ExDmg 393 HeatDmg 1 Use (0/393 Cost)

These will trigger/piss/annoy you heavily. Hopefully you don’t quit right away after facing either of these!


Thanks a lot about that info. Already have the heat bomb. Not my fav, yet use it.


welcome back, what rank are you? :thinking:


Thanks, I’m rank 16 right now.


Heat Bomb essentially lets you weaponize your heat stats - overheat yourself and your opponent

Or decimate an EMP mech


cool, can you show me your mech?
here’s mine (i just want to compare :smiley:)
Screenshot (36)


Welcome Back Strawberry Jam!
Yeah, becareful of EMP and heat Bomb, EMP is the Infinity Gauntlet of energies, drains 390-470+ energy, but does the same to you. For heat bomb, overheat yourself and the enemy basically :confused:

Also this is my mech now

You might know me as “Prime” or not at all.


Thanks all for the great info.


Welcome back my name is sparsh I am rank 12 with one mythical


Welcome back!
I think we didn’t met eachother.


Dude oh my god, i remember you from the old forum, welcome back mate.

Many old players are comming back those days… What’s happening


I alredy noticed that old players are coming back.
I dunno why KilliN






Welcome Back! :slight_smile: