I'm a new guy in the page


Hey everyone…i’m ED-209…i’m new around and i’ve been started playing Super Mechs for 1 year… i’m from Vietnam so my grammar couldn’t be entirely accurate, so i hope you guys will accept me and i hope from this page i will get more friends and more experience :slight_smile: thank you


Your grammar seems fine to me. Welcome to the forums mate. Enjoy!


Hi and welcome. Enjoy it here. :wink:


Welcome m8. Ur EnGliSh SeEms PErttyyyy gud 4 a 4rinner. I wouLda not havE eVen NOTicED. Man, yOU AsiAns R so smArt.
EnJOY Yuuuuuuuuuuuur,. tIME HeRe mengggg. LeT ME KnOw IF YoU nEEd anYThinG, I always GlaD to HalP.


your text give me headache…:sob:

and hi new guy… welcome to hell!!!


Welcome to the forums mate


Also I have a YouTube account called Loopy Doop


He joined before you and it is too late to say welcome
He already familiar with most of us