Illegally setting up a colony


On M1 the team kicked one of their members and then planted another colony and had them rush 115 units to help in a fight. That is blatant cheating and falls under the rules of trolling/spamming.


Creating, or having a friend create a colony completely out of nowhere to spam a bunch of outposts and colonies. Depending on the situation, the admin could very well decide to ban for this. Our only aim is to keep a fair and balanced play environment. Bug/Glitch Abuse

straight from the wiki page. banhammer time


I see the guy is under protection. Anything else to say ? Kicking an inactive member, for a potential guy in the middle of war is about strategy. Do not be mad cuz your plan fail.


Please let me see the screenshots of my new member spamming u out of nowhere? If you are going to talk bullshit and spew it everywhere, please let me see exactly what you mean. As of now i only see a good br for my team and cocky undeserving boosters on the other side :wink:

For the record i atleast like skizzy and the player flux lol


From my understanding, it depends on the intent of the player that planted. If they have no intention of continuing the era past that battle, then it can be considered farming and a bannable offence , but if they intend to continue playing throughout the rest of the era, then it’s a legitimate strategy.

At least, this seems to have been the principle the admins have followed in the past, if my memory serves correctly. Pretty sure there was something like this that ended with Ilona being hired as an admin. However, I’ll leave the ultimate judgement to @Theo’s discretion.


People have been banned for doing the same thing in past eras. I am confident you will receive the same treatment as BD prides itself on running a game that promotes smart playing and not sly, underhanded cheating.

Having a player join a team right next to a battle for the express purpose of winning a fight is under the clause located in the rules that does not allow for events like that to happen.

Mr.O we were not cocky, we were smart and played well, and I am not worried. Good luck this era.


Your team always had the option to turn, you didn’t, you can’t just get someone banned to satisfy yourself, accept the fact it happened and was legit.

I’ll ask you again, which clause located in the rules do not allow that? Cuz you said he was spamming you but he is still under protection, so again, anything else?


It is fine, all is well. I am glad this happened.

From speaking with other players who have played this game for a while, I have surmised that this has happened to, or they have done, similar things to this in past eras. Some where banned, others warned, and still others were not punished.

I hope that your new player is active this era, should be a long one.


The big question is… Why does your screenshot have the location of your agents? You never show info like that on a current era.

Use toggle to hide your agents :innocent:


It’s happened before against my team, and like Fluffeh said, it’s a legitimate strategy so don’t go labeling it as cheating to suit yourself :slight_smile:


It depends on the admin.

Personally, I usually allow it under the condition you keep the player for the rest of the era. :slight_smile:


Hmmm this attempt at trying to make the enemy look bad because ur salty makes me wonder if Jazz is a worthy event section leader? :blush:


It was a reasonable enough complaint. But as stated, it comes down to the intent of the new player. Was he used purely to save the team in this ONE instance, or was he brought in to replace a member (truly). If it was the latter, then no issues. The 1st however is indeed a bann-able offense. But as others have stated, you can always back down. Always play it safe rather than sorry.

And as Jazz clearly stated, he’s accepted the verdict and will continue to fight. Seems like a great mindset and quality of a leader to me. Just saying.


Try saying this on Earth 3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I was hoping we would not have to revisit this topic but what we all knew would happen finally did.

He was kicked after contributing absolutely nothing to the team minus the 117 units he rushed to win a fight. I was fine with that, we kept playing despite the fight as I was assured that he would be an active participant.

Since the battle he recruited 8 more units, fought nothing else, spammed nothing, and never really logged back in.

This is now a ban worthy offense is it not?


Was in the alliance for 150 ticks, the world is only 260 ticks in. the rush killed his production, he did energy whenever he could and has officially asked to be replaced. Ill reiterate the fact switching out players is always a strategy and legit. He has been in for longer then half the era and most of the war.


Good try, but you know you are fucked. Check the responses from @Fluffeh @Malicewolf @Alexander, if the intent wasn’t for him to play the rest of the era then it was farming.

It was a calculated play to win a fight, and I accepted it, because as stated he would play the rest of the era for it not to be banworthy.

He hasnt spammed, recruited more than 8 units or fought at all. This is farming, this is ban worthy, thats the end of it.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Jazz. It’s something that people have been banned for before and the evidence is pretty clear…


Ive just seen this and here is my response.

Replacing an inactive member is one thing but to have someone plant for the sole purpose to win a battle that they clearly would have lost and got out played on is low. Considering that colony has not done one thing since it was planted as Jazz said before. And this is clearly cheating.

Their old member Final Song from what I have seen has been active all era and Ive seen no reason from him to have gotten kicked. Especially the fact that he has made this BC:

I dont understand why some people just cant play fairly. We all like to win but just accept the fact that you’re in a losing war and not play dirty


For all those who are thinking that 124 armour units wouldn’t even have that much of an impact, here is the BR’s from what would have been and what was. As you can see there is a major difference, not only that but losing this fight caused us to stall out our expansion dramatically in both the North and the Middle.