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I just made this as a way for me to keep track of my level
April 27th 2019- I started this game… so level 1
May 9th 2019- image
May 10th 2019 image


Started Feburary 28th 2018.
Now May 10th 2019-14%20AM


You started about a month and a half after I did, hah. image


Ha looooolll.Also, you may need to finish off the titan…


ive been doing this in dropbox.com so i forgot about it
Today: image


Ive been playing for 1 year and 8 months, that would be September of 2017, and I am about level 172


send picture of your level


My phone won’t let me crop any better


ill catch up to there in 3 months


Be wary, after lvl 150 it is hard to lvl up. I farm twice a day on OD 6 Insane and only rank up one every few days.


i got where i am in 4 days of farming OD 6 normal


Well yes, but when you level up, you refill instantly, and you don’t have to wait. And the distance between 170-171 is much greater than 70-71. It’s a ratio of like 1,000,000 to 200,000


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And also remember that lvl 200 came out just a few weeks ago. So everyone started then, instead of when they got to 150


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