If you sick, if you sick ! If you sick of it ❗

okay then dont takem mom

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I am physically sick right now. Not cool, ill.

I was litterally going to post that the title sounded like lyrics to a bad hard rock song, and I was so right.


OMG!!! I am not the only skillet fan here!!! Anybody like lecrae? capital kings?

also, when you don’t lose a battle all day, and you feel like a beast…


i was really busy playing other games and live, but finally i managed to find time.

I will do video about really free games.
Which have no ads or anothrr shit and they are amazing ! Nk comparition to p2w shit.They are made with love :smiley: :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

It will be live about yet TODAY, but i wanna prepare my self.

Live will be held on Youtube on acc

I have to say early, there are very few games literally free, with no adds, p2w and micro payments.

i will put effort to give lives hour as soon as possible.

Live will be held on Youtube at “Meriaton” channel.

Is this game stlill keep going Xd ?!

Live about PWP (Playing without paying) games will start at 17 :00. That is in 3.5h
On polish it will begin soon.

It is on channel Meriaton - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgi30ohEj1VfTneakT3mS0A

I will write fast some games names fully PWP (Playing without Paying ) while im here :

  • Gladiator True Story

  • Carmageddon (even no adds - Yes ! Its possible)

  • Battle for wesnoth

  • Lethal RPG War (game was once paid, but devs earned and released full ver free, that is for me best example of really honest )

  • Space Ranger ( there is premium currency, but fully playable without, im demanding), game is much like “FREELANCER”, great old game.

Games with forced adds - just turn off net :wink:

  • Sonny
  • Age of War
  • Gods of Arena

None of these games are Advertised fully amazing on global scale, and theyre fully free.

Good car dont need to over advertised. Like much shi.it from today.

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They game crashes every time I try to open it.

I will fix it ! …

Can you stop reviving topics with the “who wants to gnaw on human bones” KKK member picture please?

It’s getting annoying now.

Ok 20 charactersssssss

Hello im back ! But only on forum, cuz game is total p2w. HAHAHA PLAY 6 H every day to have equal chance.


You Revived


Ah you have problems.:unamused: