If you sick, if you sick ! If you sick of it ❗


What your doing when you sick of Super Mechs :question:


I play other, more rewarding games lol


I throw a tantrum
Say this game sucks

And then I quit
1 day later I’m back playing Super Mechs


Xd, Voltaire is her…
I saw this somewhere, on android i’m pretty sure.

What’s this ?


Oh yeah I know dat song


And do you know :

  • Hero
  • Awake and Alive
  • Comatose

of same band :question:

These are great.


I love Skillet
They’re awesome


The game is Brave Frontier, and it takes 4gb lol


Just because you did Skillet


4GB lol.
Much content.


These are songs i heared yesterday first time :smile: :yum:


I found in last day’s some really cool flash games.

I just finished playing one, which made me feel like, when i was child playing old, crazy cool game.

Edit : only for you i played few minutes more.


Meriaton, about time, a good post from you I can “like”.


Thank you for the additional pics. It looks really nice.


Here will be some titles of great games i met and checked in last days :

I will show when i will be ready


Raise from the dead, come back into the web, rise into the forums… I REVIVE YOU


stop :sob:


No. If I wanna, I wanna.


YUPI IM REVIVED. Sorry i didnt posted games on forum.
Its cuz i layed shit on this fuc king p2w SM.



Please tell us the game names please.
I changed me mind.

And @PlagueKnight hush or I’ll steal your birthday presents tonight.