If you miss a Raid day


ok guys … not sure if someone had already wrote about this ( didn’t have time to check) but here is my idea…
some of us can’t log in everyday to do his raid (i 'm one of them ) for multiple reasons (work/ studies …) … personally i can’t log in the first day of raid (day1) … but the problem here that i’m not accually missing the score of raid 1 wich i think 1.3k ( not sure) i’m losing the possibility to raid at day 6 (+5k score maybe ? correct me on this one too) that means even if i raid the 5 next days i will get at best rank +500… maybe worse… so here my suggestion … if you miss day 1 … you only lose score of day one ( you can’t raid that day anymore)…
this may be a problem for players can’t even pass day 3 or 4 … but idk this seems better …
if you have other/better ideas/solutions share it here :slight_smile: and thx


so now what ? if someone post about energy mechs we can’t post about it again ?
different issues = different topics … deal with it :confused:


Just sayin’:

Do you think it’s fair to people who can do day 1 but not day 6, that people who can’t do day one but can do day 6 can have higher possible max score ?


I have just missreaded this…
i though a raid about 2v2…not about supermech
Yeah so sorry about missreading your stuff…
Wont happen again.


they will have higher score … but they will never be top ranks cause they missed a raid anyway


So about your idea…i disagree.
Because the low player’s wont get nothing if they cannot fight better day’s.
They will become extremly poor.
Just my opinion yeah?


basically unfair…

So what ? sometimes few points can make you win 25 more tokens…(when your on the edge of the tornament)


and pro players will never be top ranks when they miss day 1 … not fair too


let’s say you miss day 1 … then you raid till day 5 … you can be top 200 rank … but when peple raid day6 … and you can’t you’ll lose +5k scores … in that case even players who never did a perfect raid ( even at day1) they will have better ranks



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Hm, this seems like a good idea. Problem is, there’s one problem you might not have considered. Most people who play SM don’t have a terribly good mech; and many who’ve played for some time still can’t finish day 5 or 6 (I know two people who fit this description). Say some mech can only complete the first 3 days of the raid. If this was implemented, and he/she missed day 1 for whatever reason, he’d lose a fair chunk of his score with no chance of getting it back, while with the current system he’d be all right. Due to that reason, I feel like the current system is probably best; chances are, you could find some way to log in every day since it’ll literally take 2 minutes (especially for day 1). Cheers! :smile: