If you met an Overload on the street


Picture this:

You are walking down the street. You see something in the distance. Could it be? YES, it is an Overload!
So if you saw an Overlord on the street what one weapon would you want to have in your pocket?

Comment your answer below.


Lava Spray Mk II


a bb gun…


A pocket nuke

It’s great seeing moderators and admins participating in the forum just for fun instead of serious business only.


Money. I would like to have 500 million USD in my pocket. I can settle this “weapon” problem later, but at least I know I can pay off all my debts if I make it out alive.

Plus… real men fight with fists! RAAAAAAAAR


Fluxeon - Always keeping it real :joy:


Well, the best lesson I’ve ever learned is to always bring out a corgi. Its cuteness would overkill it. What happens when you bring out a corgi? Corgis aren’t weapons, they’re instruments of doom. But in the right hands, it can be the greatest weapon for peace!

So yeah, definitely corgi. btw, I introduce you to this lil fellow. I call him Dave.


Actually I would like to have some ultra Mythical boxes
Which will give me OP weapons


What exactly is an overlord? That’s extremely vague.


[spoiler]Well If I see an Overload:

means that my mech is incapacitated due to HEAT OVERLOAD

Now since I am incapacitated due to heat … then if I were to see an Overlord on the street:

I would go with an escape pod please with sugar on the top :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: and let the weapon and
Overlord for younger guys that can run … I am grandpa compared to the average age of SM players :stuck_out_tongue:[/spoiler]


A bag…so I can take the Overlord’s remains home for supper.



A bag or a tin can? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


According to dictionary.com :blush:

1 a person who is lord over another or over other lords:
to obey the will of one’s sovereign and overlord.
2 .a person of great influence, authority, power, or the like:
the overlords of industry.


So, I will take a pokeball to try to catch that wild fluxeon ehm, sorry overload


I met the overlord!!!

And this one with a overload


Battlemechs > Supermechs



That’s an 100% true fact