If u want to be a heat demon

Well don’t flag this off topic
Of anyone wants to become a heat demon they need the heat capacity like me


I’m a heat fun so i will follow your steps

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Show us modules plz :))

Eh they aren’t maxed coz I am testing with this mech
It has
1 myth max heat engine
1 legendary max heat engine
2 heat storages not upgraded at all
And 2 cooling mass booster one max

Tbf but you shoud’ve show us mods.

I’m way too lazy to take screenys

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You call this a heat demon? LOL

Demon… It says 666 heat…
(Unless he didn’t mean that)

I am talking about
If u don’t have that 666heat capacity
Ur a normal heat mech
I am not telling this is the best mass heater techno

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Oh wow.
I didn’t noticed that xD

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My goodness, none of my mechs can beat this XD

But maybe my Anti heat can, but has a 5% chance of winning


That’s some insane cooling right there.
A build that can work against other heaters.

My dmg heater lost vs this one lol

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Hey bruh
None of the mods are maxed on this build
2 legendary level 1heat storages
1 myth level 34 heat engine
1 level 37 heat engine (legendary)
1 legendary max cooling mass booster and 1 at level 1
1 myth level 12 cooling mass booster
I will max these once I think this build is good
Coz I have mostly energy and heat mods maxed but this one needs way too much so as much I can do in 1 I I put in these mods for now

U talking about insane cooling
I saw a guy in pvp who had 594 cooling
And 1045 heat
And 1700hp
Thou I updated a bit and this is what it is now

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666 Heat?
Ban for number hax.

One simple tip:

You can’t ban a devil.

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Hey what’s ur in-game name

I think it is WPOTW
Worst player of the world, but I might be wrong.

It’s ‘‘WPOTW’’