If Franctic Breaks The Limit


what will you do if franctic deal 800+ damage at the same time?


I will fire back 1200+ with my 2 bunkers and Railgun


So its name is Fronctic or Franctic?


Frantic brute/flame/lightning?


Oh thanks… is it a new weapon?(don’t answer I j just asked for fun)


Actually it’s just a Frolic going Frantic trying to get the right HP damage as it obeys what the TS magic 8 ball tells it what damage it should cause… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


what if franctic deal 1k damage?


In dreams of frantic users


Actually, in a point of the battle, its possible, if your opponent have… idk -60 resistance? Frantic could make 800 damage, but I ever didnt see that, so my theory is just a… theory.


against me frantic always hit more than 600

it does 800 damage in 1 shot against me and i left


i would uninstal the game.


yes , its possible



y did u rename de title…?


I renamed it because “frontic” is not a thing, it is “frantic”



Franctic really Breaks The Limit


If frantic did 1k+ damage. Ppl would use 2 of them and lots of ppl would be sad. imagine going into a match with 2.5k hp and then after next turn, have only 200-400 HP left.


it wont do that much damage its just all about luck


for short…

the opponent will rage quit


yeah agree

franctic’s a luck base weapon

so as this game


i used to use the 2x frantic build but ehh to much damage not much fun