Idk. some random bs




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we could have the top 3 or top 5 clans of SM plant on BD. im not sure if any of them have any experience playing BD at all, so it will be all of them noob as hell trying to fight each other. the cutest thing ever


I go now checking my amount of blue tokens there :exclamation:


Idk battle dawn…

thats the point. it would be fun to watch. and some characters like Misfit know BD, so they would have to stay out.

I’ll play SM in BD

SM actually started out as a BD minigame. I used to play it between ticks.

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What SM originated from. they built off of that and improved on it and released as a separate game.




When a minigame gets more popular than the original game

That would be very bad for the actual game

@Kaen, if I may ask, what world do you usually play in? Just curious.

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I dont have a usual world , bud. I’ve actually been not playing for over a year and just came back for one world. One can sleep 2-4 hours per night for only so long. Currently playing Earth 2 with the admin Malicewolf (amazing teammate).

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What would be very bad for what game?