Ideas to make the game balanced


The goal of my ideas is to:

  1. make normal item/ low level item much more useful

  2. make the game a lot more interesting, more vaiety of builds,

  3. having a lot more unexpected builds that can beat boring OP build like godmode / diamond shell

  4. Combo attack (special attack)

If you have two moves, and you use two specific weapons. You can have special attack.

For example:
Special combo atrack name:
Fly You To The Moon

First move:
Bully (Level 6 Common)
Second move:
Moon (Level 27 Rare)

Extra bonus:
-5 physical resistance

  • 80 extra physical damage
    +1 extra knokback

You can make a special attack list somewhere in the game so we can see it.

2)Special item fusing with specific recipe

For example:
Energy desolver (lvl 30 legendary)
+Moon (lvl 27 rare)
+Railgun (lvl 28 legendary)
+Teleport mark 9 (common)
+Teleport mark 9 (common)

Portal gun (special side weapon) (50 kg)
Rarity grade: Special item
Infinity range, 2 use
20 energy cost

teleport your opponent to the location you choose. they will drop from sky, causing
130 physical demage,
60 energy demage

(Nite: Special item is not mythical itrm, you cannot get special item out of mythical Box. You can only make it on your own with fusing)

If you want to further balance the game, maybe the fusing recipe should not consists of mythical item.
Special item will be even stronger than some mythical

  1. apart from portal gun, I also have idea to have another two weapons/ special weapons

Weakspot Sniper (side weapon)
Weakspot Seeking Rocket Launcher
Weakspot Laser

Normally Deal around 70 damage
But deals extra 70 demage if someone has -25 or lower resistance in that area

Manipulation Mark 1 (side weapon)

Once used, The opponent drone will shoot themselves instead of ahooting you for the next 2 round. If the opponent use recovery drone, they will recover you instead of recovering themselves

Hope you lIke it


Whats the point of using it then?


Thanks. I changed it. See the Change :slight_smile:

The Weakspot XXX weapon let you deal extra demage when opponent have lower than -25 resistance


actually, no need to toy with exact values of resistances and conditions like "if he have -x resists on less"
instead, you can just make a weapon that fires 3 shots, each with its own damage - and each affected by resistance. So if weapon deals 35-40 damage per shot, with invunderability mark and normal torso enemy will take 48-63 to 72-87 damage based on what other resists he have. If enemy uses God Mode, he will take 177-192 damage. And you still have second action and drone attack this turn.

obvious drawback is that diamond shell will take less damage than his repdrone can restore, so need something to counter high resists, too, unless you want to everyone use diamond shells. I suggest using a gun Armor Crusher, which counts positive resists as negative, so a guy with 31 resist will take damage as if he had -31 resist.

multishot and antiresist are easier to implement imo

P.S. portal gun sounds fun, and if they deal damage around them when they drop this will make it harder to use for melee mechs