Ideas to avoid the game's collapsing


Monday/Tuesday = Gold Portal or 100% Campaign Gold madness

Wednesday/Thursday = Item portal but not for new weapons only. Every week a portal where you can win current legendaries.

Friday/Saturday = Color paint portal or 100% Arena gold madness

Sunday = God rested

I’m pretty sure that with those weekly events this game will return interesting.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib :+1:

  • I agree with all
  • I would add a few changes
  • I do not agree. Explain

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me encantaría que metieran esto !!


Additionally, I enjoy 100% gold increase in campaign and the arena. Fusion has slowed the game to a crawl. I think everyone knows that quality new items like the backstabber rockets bring extra participation. Good poll Vicarious.



me pregunto cuando Irán a regalar o poner en la tienda cajas para obtener objetos miticos!!!


por que me lo embie a mi mismo!! XD