Ideas for supermech


supermechs should do a insane weapons class beyond mythical and
comm on the boomwitch needs a up grade from common to mythical and they should weapon class for titan battle its just a idea


Do you have any good evidence for any of this? What about all the people who’ve already spent so much time getting items to Max Myth? Why should we have a C-M Boomwitch when the Annihilation exists from E-M? Why do we need to add a whole new Class for Titan Battles? People have already built some mechs that can kill Titans single handedly. You need evidence before you start throwing ideas around.


Annihilation is the E-M version of Boomwitch.
Weapos beyond mythical will break the game even more. Battles now are very short, so adding a new tier will make it shorter.

You don’t need weapons specifically made for titan. The Titan requires teamwork to be beaten. It’s no fun if only one player can kill the Titan easily. Other players won’t get arena coins then.


Another one of these people who just started off and wanna make their boomwitch better.

Tell ya what? Instead of this, git gud


No bro, sorry this is a bad idea, very bad.


It’s called an epic-to-mythical Annihilation :smiley_cat: