[IDEA] Way to Make Item Farming Fun Again, and to Increase Forum Traffic

Up until last week, I was farming Frozen Abyss for Fortune Boxes. They were showing up 10-20% of the time, and I’d get the rare Legendary (I believe box rate was 5%)

Well, the boxes stopped showing up for 3 days, so now I farm OD6 for gold like everyone else… I have to say, it’s getting stale and boring

Thankfully, we have the auto-play, so I can run it in the background while checking out the forums… I still find the gold farming tedious and repetitive


Bring back Item Farming in a fun and engaging way, that just takes some of the repetitiveness out of Gold Farming… I call it, “Where’s the Box?” :grinning:

  • The idea is very simple. Every day, Tacticsoft places 1 Fortune Box, amongst 1 of the 7 boss levels (last mission of every stage). It would appear at Normal, Hard or Insane difficulties, but only 1 Fortune Box is awarded per 24-hour period (maybe 12-hour if they’re generous :grinning: )

Let’s face it, Item Farming as is, is dead. They’ve killed it with the really low drop rates. I get it, they’re wanting people to pay to get ahead. Gone are the days of getting 3-4 Fortune Boxes/day.

My suggestion then, guarantee us at least one per day (or two), while making Item Farming fun again. Players will have to finish the boss levels (at the highest difficulty they can handle) until they find the box. At least this would cut out the monotony of just farming OD6 all the time.

As a side benefit, I would suggest for at least the first month this is rolled out, have everybody’s Fortune Box on the same Mission. Post a little blurb about how it works, and encourage players to check out the Forums for more info. I’m sure someone will post where the box is each day and players will at least come to the Forums to find out. This will increase traffic here which I think is a good thing. After the first month, make the location differ for each player to make them find it on their own.


Before answering the poll, I do realize that we would all like Drop Rates increased, but the trends are obviously the opposite, so this is sort of a next best thing approach :grinning:

  • I would like to see this idea or similar added to SuperMechs
  • I would not like to see this idea added to SuperMechs

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Or you know.

Return drop rates to what they were 4 f****** months ago.

I used to be able to farm 200 mixes/20-30+ FBs a day (with a couple refuels) and get enough fod to make tons of legs or max my myths.

Now I have to rely on stupid item portals, which FYI, are feeling nerfed now too.


I love this idea, but I don’t want to since I know it won’t be added…
I had a couple good ideas myself, with unanimous votes, that never got added in.

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I agree with you a 100%

Problem is, as you clearly point out, the trend is the complete opposite

Posted Drop Rates would be nice too but that hasn’t happened either. At least with the proposal above, we’re not wasting our time and fuel chasing something that I’m not even sure exists anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I wouldn’t mind the chance of p2w weapons/mods (L+M) being lower during farming (least you still have a chance to get shit). But the drop rates of rares/epics NEED to be brought back to their old values.

Like fusion fod shit should drop more than the other stuff. This way you don’t feel like you’re wasting fuel/tokens while still having good fusion fod drops and chances at premiums.

(and ffs get rid of no box drops. Stupidest f****** thing to add to terrible drop rates).

Yeah, I agree… the no box drops are quite horrible… they really bring up a lot of negativity… bad game design :neutral_face:

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i would rather have chances to at least get more than two fortune boxes per day, tyvm

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This does not take over that
It would be more in addition to…

Rate is just so low that it’s barely worth it now

so you’re asking TS to spoonfeed you again


Eureka!!! Here’s something that will be win-win-win…

Keep the Rate at 1 New Fortune Box every 24 Hours, but… Whenever a player purchases a refill (30 tokens), a New Fortune Box appears!!! A message can even pop up saying so, and then the player is on a quest again to find the new Fortune Box

  • f2p wins, because more opportunity to get Fortune Boxes through Tokens they’ve already gained
  • p2w wins, because they can pay to get more Fortune Boxes (and accelerate development)
  • Tacticsoft wins, because more money gained through Token purchases

In terms of cost analysis, a Premium Box = 75 Tokens for 20% chance, so average of 375 for a Legendary. 30 Token Refill gives a Fortune Box for 5% chance,so average of 600 for a Legendary (plus the Gold). Not the best way to do it, but an option nonetheless. Options are good :grinning:


We’d be saying to Tacticsoft…“look, you’re destroying your own game through these lowered drop rates… seems like it hasn’t hit the player numbers and bank account yet but eventually it will… if you’re going to continue on this course, then at least make finding Items fun again in a different way, that at least will still make you money”

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It was said a thousand times already xD

i would rather spend tokens for item portal refills

and the game has been destroyed a long time ago (since 2014)

Shut up trophy, your answers are apathetic and seem trollish

Cousin joe, this right here is the greatest idea.

Please explain why

apathetic? maybe, but not without reason.

remember the last time TS flooded us with premium boxes and the like? w i p e d (and it’ll probably happen again)

the introduction of mythicals, that’s why

Introduction of mythicals made supermechs grow, but introducing stronger item in every update was a bad idea

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no, sm was at peak populations and then an ultraspade came along and turned half of the players away

Saying things like “it was bad because i don’t like it and half of the playerbase quit” is pointless without numbers :slight_smile: