[IDEA] Way for Tacticsoft to make way more money past Level 150

So here’s the deal, I just reached Level 150, and like most players, I’m at a crossroads…

I’m at Rank 6, My primary Mech (Heat) is about 90% complete but still needs a premium range 1-4 weapon, my 2nd Mech is about 75% complete, and my 3rd Mech is just parts.

Since there’s no more Level Ups for refills and gold, it’s basically a very slow grind, to get almost impossible to find parts (eg. Plat Plates, specific Premium L-Ms), if I want to advance further in this game. The other option is just to quit.

I’ve thrown out some other ideas like Steel Plates and Treasure Hunter Perks to keep grinding interesting past 150, but here’s one that’s a win-win-win for everybody… especially Tacticsoft, who are really missing out on some easy money!! :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

@Sarah247 @Mohadib


  • I noticed experience points (XP) still build up past level 150 (24,956,950 exp points)
  • Players past level 150 need Legendaries to get better
  • Legendaries can be obtained through Premium Boxes
  • Selling Premium Boxes makes Tacticsoft money :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

Here’s the problem, the rate of Legendaries out of the Premium Box is too low (20%) to encourage large numbers of purchases


  • Create a new type of box called an Investors Box (or XP Plus box)

  • This box costs the same number of tokens as a Premium Box (75 Tokens). This is how Tacticsoft keeps making money. Players need to buy the box.

  • Allow players to convert XP points beyond level 150, into a higher % chance of getting Legendaries out of the Investors box

  • Each 1% Increased chance of getting a Legendary out of the Box costs 10,000 XP (this is XP accumulated after Level 150 - I’d call it XP Plus). When a box is purchased, players are asked how much of their XP plus points they are wanting to Invest.

  • eg. 10,000 XP points means 1% Increased chance of getting a Legendary (ie. 21% chance total)
    100,000 XP points means 10% increased chance of getting a Legendary (ie. 30% chance total)
    800,000 XP points means 80% increased chance of getting a Legendary (ie. 100% guarantee)

Again, this is a win-win-win for everybody

  • p2w players past level 150 have a decent chance of getting better, motivating them to stay in the game, grind XP, and buy more Investors Boxes
  • f2p players also have an opportunity for Investors boxes by saving up their tokens
  • SuperMechs finally has a decent End Game that will continue to generate plenty of income from players Level 150 and up who might otherwise quit

Thoughts? Is there even a downside here? :grinning:

  • I would love to see “Investors Boxes” for SuperMechs, as described or similar
  • I would like to see different features past Level 150 (please explain)
  • No changes are required past Level 150

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Suprised that you’re full ideas lad.
So about this idea…i might will take that as a yes.


This is actually a very, VERY great idea! But how about the ones past 24 Million EXP? Those people would get like all items in-game then.

I’m assuming you mean 24 million on top of the 25 million cap (ie. 49 million total). Now that’s a dedicated player who should be awarded for their loyalty :smiley:

In theory, they could buy 30 Investors Boxes @ 75 Tokens a pop = 2250 Tokens, and put 30 x 800,000 = 24,000,000 XP into the Boxes

  • Since 1000 Tokens costs about 180 Kreds, and 200 Kreds costs about $20, we’re talking roughly $40 to get 30 guaranteed Legendaries, plus any other purchases for gold or extra fuel to Myth those

  • That’s money that Tacticsoft would otherwise have left on the table

Now remember, these are Legendaries. By my count there are at least 100 Items that can be Maxed Mythed, so even getting 30 you still might not get what you’re looking for though your chances are a heck of a lot better! :grin:

like my xp

WOW!!! That’s crazy… you must be like one of the original, original players!

To make the math easy, let’s say 56,000,000 = 70 Investors Boxes = 5250 Tokens = roughly $100 of missed opportunity for Tacticsoft :grin:

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or i just dont have a life outside SM lmao


What Rank are you if you don;t mind me asking? :smiley:

Yeah, it is very frustrating being max level and grinding OD6, wasting 1800 XP every run

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Guaranteed legendary=less money for TS(With their current policy)

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I believe an Investment mechanic works better than a Lotto mechanic… much more reliable and predictable, especially if billing yourself as a strategy game… so many posts about people quitting because they couldn’t get “lucky” enough to find the items they needed


I know what you mean…grind away…

i can gain 800k exp every 1-2 days so im basically getting free legys

i could even shave off a few exp so i’d have a 97% chance or so

i could put a whole bunch of reasons why this aint a good idea given the current numbers

change those numbers man and ill reconsider

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What? You haven’t done the achievements yet? I did every single achievement known to man even though I’m Rank 6-4 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But seriously, @cousin_joe there’s A TON of players with EXP like that, it needs to be H I G H E R… Or atleast the cost will be higher when it detects you have more than 30 million EXP.


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yes, but if the xp cost is increased by like 75 times.
it will only be advantageous to the max level players and all that, who have over 100 million xp.
kinda sucks, so i doubt it will happen.

currently stuck in rank 3 hell, game nerfs and lack of prem items

Your point being…


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The basic idea is good.
But there should not be a guaranteed legendary chance.
The increased chance should only be increaseable to a max limit somwhere between 30% and 50%.
Also the costs for 1% increased chance should scale at every 10% mark.
E.g.: Increase chance from 0 additional % to 1% - 10% = each % costs 10,000 XP
Increase chance from 10 additional % to 11% - 20% = each % costs 15,000 XP
Increase chance from 20 additional % to 21% - 30% = each % costs 20,000 XP
Increase chance from 30 additional % to 31% - 40% = each % costs 25,000 XP
Increase chance from 40 additional % to 41% - 50% = each % costs 30,000 XP

Otherwise getting legendary items would become far too easy.

I prefer the idea of exchanging exp for gold. Seems more doable.

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