[IDEA] Treasure Hunter Perk at Levels 100 and 150

This idea was inspired by the post (Un?)Real Expectations

The gist of the post is that we players spend a lot of time (and in some cases money :smiley: ) trying to build up our mechs, but there becomes a tipping point, where the effort stops becoming worth it :cry:

  • ie. the chance of getting the specific items you really need for your build are so low, at some point you decide to quit. Obviously, this is not good for SuperMechs when players quit.
  • Here’s a suggestion to stop this problem…

At Level 100, Players are awarded the Apprentice Treasure Hunter Perk

  • -By this time, players will have a really good idea of what CLASS of Mech they are Focusing on: Physical, Heat or Energy
  • -Let’s say the approximate chances of getting each CLASS of item in a loot box is 33.3% (ie. roughly equal chance of Yellow, Red or Blue, and if not, Tacticsoft can program the RNG to do so)
  • -At Level 100, with this Perk, players can choose to DOUBLE their chances of getting a specific CLASS of item…
  • -eg. Let’s say I’m Focusing on Heat Mechs… I can select Heat items as my focus, and my chance of getting Red items is now 66.7%, while the chance of getting Yellow decreases to 16.7% and Blue also 16.7%
  • -I now get a better chance of getting the items I’m looking for, and being able to complete my Mech (don’t get me wrong, it’ll still be tough, but at least knowing my chances are better than completely random keeps me going)
  • -SuperMechs can place a simple button called [PERKS] on the title screen, just above [RAID], after the player reaches Level 100. From there, the Perk can be explained and players can select their Focus. This can be changed later on if wanting to work on a different CLASS of Mech.

At Level 150, Players are rewarded the Master Treasure Hunter Perk

  • -By now, your Mech is competing at the top levels, but could still use some tweaks. Doubling your chances of getting Yellow, Red or Blue items is still not getting you what you need
  • -At Level 150, with this Perk, players can choose to DOUBLE their chances of getting a specific TYPE of item…
  • -Let’s say the chances of getting a Torso/Legs item vs. a Weapon item vs. a Modules/Gear Item is 33.3% each (ie. roughly equal chance of each TYPE, and if not, Tacticsoft can program the RNG to do so)
  • -So my chance of getting the right CLASS (Yellow, Blue or Red) is already DOUBLED from the Apprentice Treasure Hunter Perk, but now, my chances of finding the right TYPE of loot (Torso/Legs, Weapon, Modules/Gear) are also DOUBLED
  • -eg. If I choose to Focus just on Weapons, I get a 66.7% chance of finding a Weapon, and 16.7% chance of finding a Torso/Leg item, and another 16.7% chance of finding a Module/Gear item.
    -Now the math whizzes among you will see that you have now QUADRUPLED your chances of getting that Yellow Claw, or Red Crimson Rapture. Overall, chances are still low, but at least better than completely random.

I hope that all makes sense. The Bottom Line is that after 150 Levels of SuperMechs, life should be a little bit easier finding that specific item you’re looking for, rather than a totally random crapshoot.


  • I like the idea of higher chances of more specific loot, as suggested
  • I like the idea of higher chances of more specific loot, but maybe in a different way (please explain)
  • I prefer to keep my treasure finds completely random (please explain… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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That will wreck the arena and stuff.

It would apply to Arena too… all loot boxes

… Actually I agree to this good stuff @Sarah247 @Mohadib add this

I can just feel all the choices being targeted on PP’s

What’s that? I’m new here in Forums.

Platinum Plates lol


As a side note, crafting will benefit as well

There’s a 10% bonus when fusing items of the same Class (ie. Red items)
There’s also a 10% bonus when fusing items of the same Type (ie. Torsos to Torsos, Top Weapons to Top Weapons)

We all know how long and tedious it is to Level up an item. This would make it a little bit less so.

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the us see what top players say… by the way, top players look at it from us low rankers perspective…
@bestplayerintheworld @lordgorgon @Mr.E @HappyPoppers @rrr @El_Metre (who isn’t playing) @Wepwawet
I kinda dont like this… but can’t explain why

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that already exisists

It’s not as huge of a deal as you might think

Quadruple 0.1% = 0.4%
Not great but at least better :smiley:


it is a similar sistem used on other games, that rely on heavy farming for exp.
It could work, as a concept, but it would be a hassle for the devs to implement it.

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I wish I would have taken more time to write up that original post so that it was much cleaner.

That said, going for months with literally nothing is not enjoyable. I’m looking at it from this perspective. Reloaded happened in September(?) of 2017. I started playing in Late December 17. There is absolutely no way I can get the drop that’s the people have in ranks 1 through 3 for another 2 or 3 years.

So, what’s the point in playing? I’ll never advance further getting 1 usable Legend+ every 6 months. I wasn’t around during all the glitches and crazy portals (Unicorn). Not only am I disadvantaged from starting the game late but I’m disadvantaged that they got these easily attainable legends (Compared to now). Beyond that, legacy items put me even further behind.

So really, what’s the point? The more I’m thinking about it the more it seems better to just cut my losses and move on. The early game is so fun that it’s a shame they have screwed up the late game so badly.

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Actually,as a lvl 150 player and rank 4 maintainer,I think this is a good idea.
Max level for a while and still the same mech tier.This would help advance.


Maybe nerf it a bit but overall, This is well thought and a amazing thing to have

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I m not a top player at all,but thank you anyway

Well i think that this idea is quite good, why?
Let s take an example ok?
So you are a phys mech user,you buy 1 box and get energy stuff like idk bunker,but you don t have an energy mech(1 bunker shell isn t enough to build an op energy mech),and you don t want to use a bunker shell as food because who knows?you may get energy stuff and you may want to build a en mech in mear future when you will have more energy stuff

There are players which can t reach tops because they don t have a typical item(i can t get rank 1 without a mercy or a claw) and they wait months for an item

Most of the build work better if you have all items


You have supreme cannon and abomination but you don t have desolation,so you can t build rocket king

For this idea,we need better drops for top items

You want to get a valiant
But you keep getting legendary food
Cobra,hysteria,malice etc


Thank you, rrr

Yes, excellent point
It’s nice to have some sense of control, rather than things being left completely to chance
If I’m looking for that last piece to make my mech competitive at top levels, then give me that chance to ‘mech’ it happen. Then as new items come out, that might make for a better build, let’s be able to ‘Focus’ on trying to get that rather than all sorts of random junk

The idea is, everybody is more likely to get competitive Mechs for high level, which creates a larger player base, and more sustained desire to keep playing the game… especially past level 150 when the money from the campaign dries up

The ultimate vision would be a game that keeps introducing new weapons, and a larger player base that sticks around to pursue them (while still donating a bit of cash :smiley:)


love it

Amazing idea! Want me to pm it to sarah?