Idea to make Energy more balanced!


Agree , have you seen the new phys mechs with claws and arena buffs? Thats next level op…


Yeah,that’s a point I can’t comment on.
But you know another point?
While drained you can still use action points,and for people like they,that’s useful for either using energy-free weapons or reposition to avoid getting drained the following round.


Every type of mech with claw is better


There is a certain dude, heat user with an anti phys build.
Dual abomination, desert snake, swoop, claw and zark. Paks up 2800+hp and 86 phys res…
It hurts.

Its of course a troll build with 200 energy cap btw.


It sucks


true, that may be the only thing that makes energy mechs beatable unless you dont have energy free weapons :sweat_smile:


I am a dedicated energy builder. If takes strategy to be able to energy break efficiently. We energy builds typically have the least amount of hp on the average and when we take on 2400+hp phys builds with duel anni’s, who has the advantage? No offense but to sit there and say you want to offset the energy build because you have a hard time with it is like me saying lower the damage of the anni’s. Having the drain damage isn’t free. To be able to break ones energy in a certain amounts of turns IS the strategy and SKILL of the energy game. What energy weapon to use first drain/damage and range. We energy builds also have to face the fact of no energy cost weapons as well, so ask yourself…who has the real advantage


Agree with you on the finess; but honestly, op energy builds (dual bunker, ash and dual vaillant), are the ones taking the least bit of skills: press button until end of battle…
As for energy free weapons: they still dont hit as hard as energy weapons… they arnt relevant at all to face energy builds. Yeah you can still shoot, but youll still die first


You don’t think dual anni’s for raw hp damage or dual desolation (both myth max) for overheating isn’t hard hitting? Sure, everything has a counter but it does take thought with energy drain/damage efficiency. I haven’t had the luxury of just “hitting” a button and going. Imho, phys builds are more of a “just hit the button and go” type build. For instance with energy…at range 3-6 what weapon to use first…ultrabrite or malice beam? At range 2-4, mortal bullet or last words? And then when you break energy, what weapon to use? It does take thought and strategy to maximize drain/damage.


Well, classic phys builds have a very limited range, so; last word plus mb, last word plus ub, last word plus ub. Why would mortal bullet even be an option? Thats quite poor strategy. just because its a l-m item doesnt make it worth to use… see with @Mordulec for some best practises here.


Thanks, @lordgorgon, for joining me into the thread. The point is, if you mount double MordalBullet (I have 3 of them in garage, and considered using them…), you become extremely vulnerable to physical mechs, because of no push weapon. And your first and foremost weapon should be last words, so that you always force the dual Annihilator to use a move/utility + shoot combo. And additionally you drain energy cap to silence the drone. Last words is perfect. Couple it with a shotgun or axe, and you have the best physical counter mech. Things get complicated with a 500 energy physicals with Nightfalls… But this is a Rank 1 problem…


Off course mb and ub would complete this setup. If no axe/shotgun, good ol’ stomp.
Push push, beam beam


I was simply using the mortal-b as an example. my point is, it does take thought when using an energy build, it is not just "hit the button and wait for end of game"just as you both confirmed this by stating which weapons to use first then follow up. Btw, I do own a mortal bullet. I was using the old duel malice and replaced one with the mortal-b and have had great luck. It’s drain is high, hp a bit low but rng is more consistent. And not to mention it requires less energy per shot.


Btw…what do you mean rank one problem? Can you elaborate on how to counter this? Or what step to take?


Mate, as @Mordulec stated. You absolutely need a last word.


I have, last words, malice, ubrite and mortal…


stomp and last words always start. I use mortal and malice to drain and ub to hit hard…I get all that and have used this for quite awhile


A good idea that tactic soft will probably not even look at.
Even though we recommend it all the way through.
Plase add this.


What do you mean by this Knoyty?


I replyed to Yeet’s topic. I said that they should add this its a good idea.