Idea to make Energy more balanced!


Most mechs have energy free weapons. Ironbark is not uncommon, is it? It is easy to counter an energy mech, is what I’m saying.


Two things: Im matchmaking 10, and my energy cap is 350, with about 100 regen. Thats not neccesarily a low amount. Secondly, there are energy free weapons for heat, but they are not effective. Ironbark is crap, desolation heat to yourself is high, and it mostly just become harder to overheat people in general.


Fix the part saying that automatic overheat shutdowns should not include energy regen


Yes, the ironbark may be CRAP to Higher players, but imagine the lover ones at ranks 15-25.
Desolation is a high heat adder because it doesn’t use energy.
I’m sure that you use a Supreme Cannon then, add the scores up and you’ll get 40.
I agree that it is harder to overheat people.
Sometimes damage counts more.


Have you seen the heat mechs with 3 Magma blasts and a desolation.
against an energy mech with two top snipers, two energy rockets and a flamethrower.
Heat mech wins… energy wont catch up in damage.


Lol ony pay 2 win guys get magma blasts


Yeah. But the truth is- every good player is pay to win. It has come to that.


I got magma blast lol


Not necessarily, and if balance happens then it won’t have to be that way


Do you know any consistently free to play players in the top 10? It was nearly impossible to recover your items after the update, even if you were good before. On average, it takes about a month to grind a mythical. The top players are rolling in them. Why? They buy tokens, or else they would be at where I am (after legacy I pretty much lost everything). This paragraph is in response to your “not necessarily” comment.

The top players have a good reason to buy tokens, it is their only way to keep their status as a top player. Balance does need to be achieved. But I don’t agree with your method.


I will say, that if you grind campaign consistently, you can get a (level 1) mythical every week or so - without buying any tokens whatsoever. What paying players really get is the legendary + items, thats where they leave everyone else behind. As far as mythics go there’s not as much difference as you might think.


After the update, Supermechs was an entirely different game. But very soon after, the top players obtained the best weapons in the game. This could not be done with farming.


Yea that idea sounds much better!


(I was too lazy to type my speech about that this thread should rest in pieces, so here is a picture meaning the same:)



We don’t actually have a rule about necro posting. If a user was to comment on lots of threads from months ago it would be a bit annoying but the odd one is perfectly fine. It stops additional threads being made as well.


Yes,but in most of the times,the thread is outdated.
Just like the new guys that reply to #Legacy threads :laughing:
That’s why many of us dislike it.
I mean,everyone’s free to do whatever they want but still…


Jeez, i quit the game a month ago,and this thread is still up there. Interesting.


Being an energy main makes me feel weird when seeing this. I feel like there are other ways to make energy balanced.


Even thought you’re not holding one of the metas, i mean dual valiants and bunker shell users.

Anyway i don’t think energy mechs are that Over Powered.


this is actually something i said somewhere in another thread… anyways i like the idea
(also… if you think about it… you only regenerate once every 2 turns right? while with heat you can end up cooling worth twice your cooling so if you have around 250 something cooling and your shut down you’ll basically end up cooling around 500 or so while with energy you just regen the exact number no matter what… (now adding the fact that heat does less heating than energy does drain… now we see why energy mechs are on top… GENIUS)
in other words… we’ll end up seeing most players in the future be energy mechs because of it’s op-ness and just some players (like pros or loyal element users like me for heat) will not change to energy… or this is just me thinking too much… sorry