Idea to make Energy more balanced!


Ok,this idea might be the worst thing ever, so let me know if it sucks (productively) or let me know how to improve it (cause it wont be perfect)

Now, I and many other people have been having a lot of trouble with energy mechs. Their energy damage amounts are much higher than heat, and can easily destroy other mechs all the time. I find myself in the situation that many others find themselves in, in which even when you have very high energy cap for your level you can do nothing but sit and stare as a legendary weapon drains your energy in 2 turns. Often, this is due to the fact of unbalance in weapon types.
For example, their are two side beam weapons, one heat , and one energy, The heat version is called a corrupt light, and at max legendary it does 66 heat damage. The energy version, called the malice beam, does 86 energy damage at the same level. This divide greatly adds up. However, it is understandable, because it is harder to energy break somebody than overheat them in the sense that energy always regenerates, while heat does not go down unless you shutdown manually. Unfortunatly, energy mechs still destroy everybody.
So instead, of nerfing energy mechs, I thought of another solution
How about, when you shutdown, you also gain back some energy, to create a more strategic solution to the energy mech problem?
For example, if you shutdown, along with the energy regen you have every turn, you would also gain back an additional percentage of your energy regen amount on the turn that you shut down.
Let me know what you think!

  • Great Idea!
  • Good concept, I have some numerical values to change, however.(tell me in comments)
  • This idea sucks
  • I dont understand what you are saying, help.(ask me in the comments)

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@Mohadib @Sarah247 @Elcent


BTW, credit to my friends for thinking up of this idea, I deserve no credit in the thought process


I like the concept but personally feel this should be something like 10~25% max otherwise it benefits no energy mechs way too much.

PS. Im just a forum mod not a developer :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion! Im not very good with number balance so take the numeric examples with a grain of salt


I would find it more agreeable to add a button next to shutdown that says “regen -this ammount- of energy”


Energy will always beatheat in terms of energy drain to heat damage. The least tactisoft can do is reduce the energy drain by 10.0% to 12.5%.

I want to be a developer


any balance to confront the energy is welcome, but I do not know how to turn it off, it would be better if you refresh yourself and regenerate even if you lose the energy by the drone, if … it’s frustrating


So I have some changes to make to this idea. First, I think that the energy regen in a shutdown should only happen in a manual shutdown, not heat induced.
Second, I think the base should be around 10%-20% of your regen added when you manually shutdown.
This is experimental, but perhaps some existing modules (or maybe brand new energy modules all together) could increase the energy regen percentage during shutdown, for example legendary energy engine adds 5%. Perhaps even some torsos may have better percentage, but this is experimental.

  • I like these changes, including the experimental parts
  • I don’t like these changes
  • I like some of these changes, but not all (Say in replies)

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Please remember that,while heat damage got nerfed on heat weapons,so did the cooling on our torsos!
And btw,heat and energy work differently…Just so you know.


@L4K3 I know, but energy still reigns supreme in almost everything. If they use a build correctly, they can absolutely destroy other mechs, as they do have the highest damaging drone in game. And while they can be countered, it is very hard to do so that is why I think they shouldn’t be nerfed, but instead a new ability added.


How about make energy weapons do less damage? Because it does around the same as heat weapons, but it has an increased energy damage making massive damage.


Nah, I like the energy system as it is, and we wouldnt want to make everybody angry by nerfing energy mechs and creating another divide. Instead of making something useless, Im aiming for making a more strategic approach to countering energy


I disagree and have to say that even your basic premise is flawed. First lets take a look at the top 10 players mechs right now:

  1. Heat
  2. Physical
  3. Energy
  4. Energy
  5. Heat
  6. Heat
  7. Energy
  8. Heat
  9. Physical
  10. Physical

So we have 3/10 energy and 4/10 heat, I would say that suggests balance and maybe even that heat is superior.

Why are you wrong? Well, you are comparing energy premium weapons to heat non premium weapons. Heat happens to possess numerous energy free very strong weapons, including desolation which isn’t even premium, and all their drones. A well built heat mech using sorrow and desolation, plus minus magma blasts, is almost always going to beat energy mechs. Overall this is more of a paper rock scissor situation with heat over energy, energy over physical, and physical over heat.


Heat over energy? What are you smokin


Open your app and go watch replays of players in the top 10. Literally the very first one is a heat mech beating an energy mech with a valiant sniper, 2 bunker shells, and an ash generator.

You can’t get beat with your underdeveloped mechs and then scream that there isn’t balance.


Scream? Well im sorry that a civilized topic discussion was too calm and non-cancerous for you


Im also sorry that I havent paid 20 dollars a second for all the items in the world. Just because the top players have everything and there is balance does not mean balance exists everwhere.


I have one problem. Energy mechs are actually the weakest in the game. They can be easily countered by heat and physical weapons that have little to no energy consumption (like sorrow and annihilation). Nerfing and weakening energy would just make the situation worse.

In my opinion, heat mechs are the most OP. They can destroy most mechs by overheating and shutting them down. Nothing can stop them, wheras energy mechs can be killed by a stomp or a drone (it doesn’t take away turns). The system, as it is, could be balanced a bit more, but in will probably be fine.


Not agreeably, what your describing is a situation in which everybody gets uncommon weapons and has everything. The reason I feel that we should implement the system is because often, most people who have common stuff like beam weapons are always destroyed by the energies


Yes. Energy mechs may seem OP in the early stages. However, as time progresses, most players realize that they can be countered quite easily. The solution to this problem is just to make a high - energy heat mech (which exist).

If you have noticed, many players have gotten rid of their beam weapons, as they have high energy consumption. This is an adaptation to counter energy mechs. If they kept their beam weapons, they would have to add a couple energy modules. No big deal. They would be able to use the beam weapons for a few rounds before being energy broken. Before this happens, they probably overheated the other player (assuming they had decent weapons), allowing for them to regenerate their energy. They could use their weapons again, shut down the player, and eventually win the battle.

Your statement about beam weapons is only valid when discussing a very, very new player who has not encountered modules yet…