Idea to add new system to clans

I have two ideas to attract the attention of new players, create a new objective so that players do not get bored and abandon the game, more reasons for players to connect much more and many other things …

You can trade large numbers of items up to a certain amount to get a random mythical … of course this amount of power must be very high since they are 24 members per clan.
Make 2,000 wins to get 1 mythical random and 4,000 to get a mythical with probability that it is not in inventory … Each member claims the mythical.
Of this way the players will connect much more and will have more objectives for which to continue playing in sm.

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This sounds vaguely like crafting… (trading in a large number of items to get a random mythical). But crafting makes use of Power Kits - if I am not mistaken. And Crafted Items are only temporary.

Crafting has been discontinued.

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Yes, but this time it will be a kind of crafted in a single power bar in the clan …
I think to get a mythical must bring from 3 million to 6 million power to have the ramdom mythical … also may increase depends on the rank of the clan.

To get that amount you must play a lot to get sm coins and buy simple boxes to use as power to the craft bar in the clan

clans chest idea from royale?

im not sure if youre talking about fuse or multiplayer
on fuse would be 50k to 100k depending on clans rank to get a mythical box

i like how it sounds but your numbers are too expensive
it take too much time for players
would be better
-500 wins to get 1 mythical
-1000 wins to get 1 mythical and a power kit
-2000 wins to get 2 mythicals
-5000 win to get a chest like the one from big boy(2 myths 3 power kits)
these must be total battles from clan members and a player must have reached 500 wins to get the reward if not would be a lot of parasite accs

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Nice, but will NEVER be made, so don’t waste your energy.

OMG you just revived a thread by replying 12 months later or 1 year later


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lol mate…
I dont know why it said NEW

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