[IDEA] The answer to Iron Plates vs Platinum Plates is ___________

There is no issue more divisive on these boards than Platinum Plates.

  • They create division between f2p and p2w, with a lot of f2p quitting or on the verge of quitting because of how impossible they are to get
  • Within the p2w group, they create division between those lucky enough to get them, and those that aren’t, causing accusations of game imbalance (145HP vs 315HP at the same weight of 40kg is a HUGE gap)
  • They create division between the developers and the players, for introducing a game mechanic which almost requires these to even be competitive

Here’s the pitch:

  • Introduce a Brand New Item: Steel Plate
  • Steel Plate is available at Epic (very small chance out of Silver boxes, small chance out of Fortune boxes, decent chance out of Premium Boxes - basically on the level of Heat/Energy Engines and Mass Boosters)
  • Steel Plate is upgradeable to Legendary. Final HP would be somewhere in between Iron Plate Epic and Platinum Plate Mythical, softening the gap between the haves and have-nots

:shield: Steel Plate :shield:

  • Weight 40kg
  • @Epic HP goes from 140 --> 170 maxed
  • @Legendary HP goes from 175–> 215 maxed

:balloon::fireworks::confetti_ball: This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everybody :tada::sparkler::ribbon:

  • :boy::girl: f2p’s win, because they have something more easily available that closes the gap between them and p2w

  • :man_student::woman_student: p2w’s win, because the unlucky ones can close the gap (215 vs 145 HP), but also, the lucky ones, who already have Platinums, still get a decent advantage for what they paid for (315 vs 215 HP is still pretty good)

  • :man_office_worker::woman_office_worker: Tacticsoft Corporate wins because all the SuperMech players are happier :grinning: with a fairer, more balanced product, but also, there is a chance to make a lot more money :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:–> :israel: … here’s how…

  • :one: Announce that a Steel Plate Portal is coming soon… on the load page, news page and forums
    :two: Have the announcement coincide with a 25% Extra Tokens sale. Sales will go like this :chart_with_upwards_trend:
    :three: Run the Portal with increased chance of Epic and Legendary Steel Plates… expect more sales from players who don’t get one on the first few runs
    :four: Continue to keep it available after the Portal as Epic and Legendary loot… people will still be paying to get these later on

Anyways, there’s a few other things I could add, but I want to focus on the main points. I truly think this is the best way of doing things. I noticed some rule changes on the forums to reduce negativity, but this would reduce negativity more than any of that. Nothing beats a happy customer :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


  • I would love to see Steel Plates added as is, or similar
  • Platinum Plates are a problem, but I believe there’s a better fix (please explain)
  • Platinum Plates are not a problem

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I like it . We used to have a bunch of efferent weight plates . If these were introduced I would lower the existing weight of iron plates to 30 kg or whatever the appropriate scale would be in regards to hp versus weight .


That was one of the other things I was going to save for later…

  • Iron Plates to weigh 36kg
  • Steel Plates to weigh 40kg
  • Platinum Plates to weigh 44kg

That would create more for weight strategy

The other suggestion was Heat-Treated and Energy-Infused Plates

  • Heat-Treated Plates would grant HP PLUS 3-6 Heat Resist
  • Energy-Infused Plates would grant HP PLUS 3-6 Energy Resist

These would be Epic to Legendary as well, with less HP than the Steel Plates, but making for some interesting Module decisions. It would be a way of reducing the gaps with the Max Protectors, which is also an issue.


I like this. Would be a good addition to the game.
Especially live the weight approach.
We can imagine having a light plating (low kg, low hp), a medium plating, and a heavy plating. All going up to myth. Current platinium plating shall remain “special” so maybe the heavy plating’s hp for the medium’s plating weight

Cheers from a mutliple plat plate owner.

Thank you
That’s very honorable of you :crossed_swords:

It would be nice to see the game evolve to where in-game strategy becomes just as important as builds. Correcting the imbalance between Plat Plates and Iron Plates is an important first step

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I like it too! This is a fresh new idea!

But… isn’t Steel almost the same as Iron?

I don’t know my metal durability well…

Steel is a mixture of several metals (this is called an alloy) but most of it is iron. Steel is harder and stronger than iron. Steels are often iron alloys with between 0.02% and 1.7% percent carbon by weight…

Every material is made up of atoms which are very small parts. Some atoms hold together quite well, which is what makes some solid materials hard. Something made of pure iron is softer than steel because the atoms can slip over one another. If other atoms like carbon are added, they are different from iron atoms and stop the iron atoms from sliding apart so easily. This makes the metal stronger and harder.

From wikipedia… I was planning on putting that in my original post but forgot


That’s nice then… Steel Plate does sound better than Gold Plate, I guess

I’m glad you learned something new today :grinning:


Haha, I did.

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I would suggest iron plates to be 34 kg . The steel to be 40 just like the platinum plates . I always love the build possibilities with various weight items . Modules are gold and always have been.


I’m not in favour of changing anything regarding the HP plates. Why?

Because I don’t think people would bother as much to spend on the game. I for one would not spend.

Besides, plat plates are overrated now, can only put max 2 per build to keep it viable. 1 per build on a balanced mech.

Those without plats are still doing well at the top through means of their mass exclusive weapons inventory, i.e. 20 Magmas etc.

I have an account with hopeless weapons inventory, but decent modules. Other accounts have great weapons inventory but lacking in the modules side.

This narrowing of the HP gap would kill off players in my circumstances.

Nerf Magmas and VS drastically and I might be in favour of this.

Also, I would expect a refund from TS if the plate gap is narrowed significantly. I ONLY spent money to get these modules.

Again people, this is a P2W game from R3 onwards. And spending here is akin to gambling. There is absolutely no guarantee of anything. It’s all a risk. I was brave or stupid enough to take the risk, and I won. In any casino, some must lose so others can win, and people find big jackpots appealing. If non-gamblers had the same chance as winning a jackpot as the gamblers then what’s the point in gambling?

And if nobody has the need/desire to gamble anymore, then the casino closes down.

So as selfish as this sounds, I’m NOT in favor. HP plates will never change. And if they did, what next? Res plates next stop huh? Get over it and move on. Spend, spend, spend if you want good items, just as many of us already have. Didn’t get good items? Spend more! All have the same chances for getting items. ‘Blocked accounts’ are as real as 3 legged ballerinas. Don’t be swayed by crazy conspiracies.

Even though some spent thousands of real dollars chasing myth plates and CLAIMED to have never got them, others merely spent a few dollars here and there and got plenty. Those are just extreme cases of bad luck.

Boo me all you want :upside_down_face:


Very true, resistance modules are far more important, you cant overcome the lack of these like you can for plat plates.

Edit: only builds where you can stash load of plates are anti heat and/or anti phys. My anti phys is a good exemple of this.

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HP without res is kinda pointless.

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Hopefully no offense is taken by me saying this. So

Many others have wanted a change in HP plates for a long time now. To level the playing field between those that have them and those that don’t. Again, I mean no offense by this, but you have quite a few plat plates. Which makes it easier for you to NOT want any change in them, to retain their usefulness/opness. I may be wrong, but this is typically the case with most/if not all OP items in SM.

People will always spend money on the game. Regardless of the changes certain or all items. (Look at the game in the previously few months alone). I’m betting people would actually spend more if this idea were to come into fruition.

Again, they’re overrated for those that have quite a few of them. While you’re capable of having a nice module set up with one/two plates (including res protectors). Others cannot say the same. They have to use certain mods/builds more effectively than a well built/rounded physical.

They’re only doing so well because their weapon choices (magmas in this case) don’t require energy modules to function. Which allows them to utilize more space/weight for HP/Res protectors.

I can’t say much here since, hopeless??? (give me those “hopeless” spartans. Heh) jk

Magma doesn’t need a nerf. If anything it’s one of the few useful heat weapons (and we all know how short in supply those are for heaters). VS on the other hand, is pretty OP but I agree on a nerf (drain/res drain/weight).

Correct me if I’m wrong, I always assumed you spent money to get better weapons (or was that at first before the PP Gods bestowed the glorious inventory of PPs to you). (again kidding).

I want to continue. But I’m quite lazy to continue thinking of counter arguments and such for this. Peoples opinions on things change about as fast as the weather does here (which is often).

E don’t lose your mind to the whole PP madness. (L as well).


After a certain point, people dont spend money on weapons.
They do on modules, namely, all myth resistance modules, plates and energy mass storage.
Check it out, weapon set up between a top player and a r3 guy can be similar… modules are everything.
Of course good bro E doesnt want plat plate to be seen at every corner, he paid only to get these, so did i. Plat plates shall remain special.


Wether this gets added or not.

Keep in mind , even before reloaded we had different variants of Platinum Skeletons (the myth hp plates) Going from tier 1 to 3.

So why not have the exact same thing here?

Tier 1 Plate -> Common - Epic
Tier 2 Plate -> Epic - Legendary
Tier 3 Plate (the p2w plate) -> Legendary - Mythical


Believe me it should remain special. I myself see it as one of those game changing items (for those lucky enough to have them).

I do agree with E not wanting to see them everywhere. But they’re such a game breaking item, it can really make or break some builds. Which is why I agree with either adding in a mid-man plate or changing their weight up a bit.

I mean 145 = 40kgs vs 315 = 40 doesn’t seems right to me. 44kgs is about as fair as OP wishes to go. I would’ve gone 60kgs. Since it’d prevent people from packing tons of them. But also retain their specialty (which is massive HP). Obviously mine wouldn’t be considered. But 44kgs per PP isn’t bad. An item MUST have a down side for it to achieve such high stats (in this case more hp = more weight).

If anything, this sounds a little better than making irons go to legendary.

Techno might be onto something as well. (so many ideas hard to really get people agreeing on any tbh).

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Dont be hypnotized by these. Res mods are far more important. Once again, counter building allows one to overcome plat plates absence. Nothing can overcome lack of res.

Edit: of course plate plates are the sweet stuff huh. Just not the sweetest…

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A simple solution is to add various shields to the game. Again, res is more important than HP at a certain point.

The other option I’m very in favour of is nerfing damage across the board by say 50% which will allow for tactics to counteract high HP. Right now HP and res is everything because of the very short nature of battles. No time for tactics, just fire away as soon as possible.

There are many ways to improve the game experience to allow tactics to matter as much as items. That, in my opinion, is the direction in which the game needs to move forward.