Idea + Sprite Maxoz: Torso High Heat 0 Energy



El Sprite es de Maxoz
Seria perfecto no tuviera energía pero si una alta cantidad de heat como de vida, que no lo pudieran usar los físicos o energy, como un item exclusivo para los heat, con un peso de 329.
La estadística de energía estaría bloqueada, no se puedan usar modulos de energía.
The Sprite is from Maxoz
It would be perfect to have no energy but a high amount of heat as life, which could not be used by physicists or energy, as an exclusive item for the heat, with a weight of 329.

The energy statistics is blocked, energy modules can not be used.

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you can’t block modules


nope sorry suicide again come on people that would be myth food


Es una idea de torso, únicamente para los heat, compensar la desigualdad que existe vs energy y físicos. El sprite es de Maxoz


Alright…here’s a poll

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I understand that heat is slightly lower powered than the other two but no


Los items de exclusividad con estadísticas bloqueadas, tarde o temprano llegaran.
< Así como las Claw que no puedes moverte, más que con la espada.


Okay, Just wanted to chuck in my persp


I’m not really complaining. It’s just that it doesn’t fit or seem right. I won’t mind it if it’s in the game since anyone seldom sees me complain about updates. I just don’t think it’s a nice fit. :confused:

Plus, I have a heat mech as well… it just doesn’t seem right


If this thing is added
Be ready to take 1000+ damage per turn by energy mechs



how will you be able to shoot energy using weapons if you have no energy?? @Well


no to much just the type of thing when our mechs run out of energy


well its made for only heat weapons so it makes sense why energy weapons can not be used


No it fudging does not.

Wait you editted it… you still don’t make sense bren


what i am trying to say no energy weapons will be used with this torso because its not for energy mechs i am sorry for you though if this happens its suicide like every thing else in sm


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