[IDEA] Spears with Push as an alternative to Grappling Hooks

Going back to Mohadib’s original Weight and Strategy post, one of the issues was a lack of tools to create distance between players, resulting in a lot of games played at 0-3 range with very little movement

  • Mohadib:
    Give players more tools to create distance between them and their opponents - currently swords, harpoons, charges, teleports and weapons can help you close the distance, while only teleports, legs and some weapons can help you widen the distance.


  • In the Grappling Hook slot, allow the player to place a Spear instead. When used, the Spear can be thrown across the battlefield, and upon striking the enemy Mech, knocks it back 3 spaces. Spears come in 3 varieties, Phys, Heat and Energy. A small arm animation comes off the back of the Mech and hurls the Spear


  • Weight 11kg
  • Range 2-6
  • Knockback 3, 4 for L-M version
  • Rarity C-E and L-M
  • Damage 50-100, more for Phys, 100-200 for L-M version
  • Heat/Energy Damage 15-30, 30-60 for L-M version
  • Heat/Energy Cost 6-12, 12-24 for L-M version
  • Uses: 1

C-E version can be made available anytime, while L-M versions can be released via portal.

Strategic Implications

  • Mostly useful for Heat and Energy Mech to keep Phys away
  • Restores some usefulness to Claw builds whom close range is a nightmare for
  • Nice combination with Scope weapons
  • More movement involved to close gaps


  • I would like to see Spears in SuperMechs, as is or similar
  • I would like to see Spears in Supermechs , but with some changes (please explain)
  • I would not like to see Spears in SuperMechs

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BTW, when I say Spears, I don’t mean Britney :woman_singer:


I don’t get the need for this?


Bloody heck man


Mainly to push back Phys Mechs
Also helps Claw users - Getting a grappling hook is suicide for them (unless they are Phys with Annis)

Also, with the game’s current very high damage to HP ratio, one little push back move with a spear can be a game-changer


If there are spears then it should be with a range of 1-4.
The hook brings the opponent to distance 1 so a spear working the opposite way should also be capable of pushing away an opponent form distance 1.

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:blonde_woman::notes::musical_note: Hit me baby, one more time? :notes::musical_note: :blonde_woman:


I’d be cool with that… it just seems a bit odd throwing a spear at something directly next to you. If it can be pulled off graphically, I’m good with it :grinning:

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Repeating ideas i see

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Please no, Anyways, I would love to see this since there’s a lot of huggers recently

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Just giving it it’s own thread to stir up some discussion on how to best implement it

In theory, you could make a ton of different spears, with different properties…

  • more pushback
  • more physical/explosive/electrical damage
  • more heat/energy damage
  • mythical 2 use spears

As mentioned above, I find in this game the Phys Mechs just get in really tight and there’s not much one can do to get away. The game needs more options and variety and that’s what this is about.


Yes, Spears in game! Should be awesome!


Simple trick:
Hitting with a spear should cause high damage comparable to a sword hit.
That would make it a weapon.
So we should not make it a direct hit anyway.

Instead the spear would have an oversized spearhead and would be thrown (or shot like hook) beyond the opponent while some chains with hooks would be fixed to the rear end of the spear.
Once the spear passes the opponent the hooks and chains latch onto the opponent.
Then the increased ressistance from suddenly hooking the opponent would activate the spear’s booster in the spearhead causing some jet engines inside the spearhead to ignite.
The jet propulsion would then cause the spear with the hooked opponent to be dragged away.

Also as the fuel for the jet propulsion would be limited due to the spear’s size the engines would only work for 2-3 spaces and then only the remaining momentum would continue for 1-2 more spaces resulting in the limited push of 4 spaces.

With that the push effect of 4 spaces could be explained for any starting distance to the opponent and the spear could be equally used at range 1.


Holly sht they are amaizing.
Ts pls add this.

Wow… that’s imaginitive! :grin: I don’t think you can really call that a spear anymore. I’m not sure what to name that, but hey, you can certainly put it in the Grappling Hook slot as well.

I was just thinking that the spear lodges into the unit and drives it back a few spaces. Let the spear stay embedded for a short time afterwards for dramatic effect and then carry on.