[IDEA] Re-introducing Shields to increase Strategy

Anyone remember the old Battlemech Shields?

  • The problem with these shields, is that they would exchange damage for heat or energy and stay on until they were drained. You can see how that would be a problem for a heat or energy mech. Plus, whole action points were wasted having to turn them on or off. Basically, the only real use for wasting weight on them was trying to stretch out those last few HP

Now in @Mohadib’s Range and Weight Strategy post, there was mention of:

  • lack of item variety (everyone’s got 8 modules and a drone)
  • lack of walking
  • and minimal combat beyond 3 spaces

Re-introducing Shields, specifically Heat Shields and Energy Shields, with some adjustments, can fix these problems.

  • For starters. it would be nice if activating shields didn’t cost a whole action point. The game is so heavily weighted towards offense, that spending one action point activating a shield, or even walking, could cost you the match but what if we combined Shield and Walk into a Single Action Point?**


  • -Player selects Shield :shield: (3rd button in picture, still exists in game)
  • -Immediatelly, a second menu comes up :arrow_left::record_button::arrow_right:, giving the option to Fall Back 1 space, Hold Position, or Advance 1 space (note: 1 space only, not 2)
  • -Then after selection, the Heat or Energy Shield animation occurs along with the movement
  • -All of this takes a Single Action Point

OK, that’s nice, so what does the Shield do and how much does it cost?

  • I’ll leave the specifics up to the experts, but I’m thinking 2 uses only, 17kg, 20 heat or energy to activate on Common, with 20% all damage reduction until the beginning of next turn. Scales to 60 heat or energy to activate on Mythical, with 60% all damage reduction. The activation cost puts a set limit on amount of heat or energy used that was not present in Legacy.

Strategic Implications:

  • weight choice between this and a module
  • will encourage more walking. The trade-off for not firing a weapon will be off-set by damage taken being less (ie. smaller penalty)
  • players will be more willing to walk out of close range as well
  • much bigger chess match in terms of where to move and when (a shied-move into high-damage limited use weapons (eg. EMP) may be favourable as damage reduction is percentage-based). Does the opponent fire anyway knowing damage will be halved or does he wait for a later opportunity
  • small buff for heat and energy mechs vs the super high damage phys mechs (though they can still get shields too)
    -games go a bit longer allowing more skill and strategy to come through
  • judicious use of shield can be a game-changer

Anyways, thoughts?

  • Cool, Shields should be re-introduced, as suggested
  • Hmm, Shields should come back, but in another way (please explain)
  • No, Shields should not come back (please elaborate)

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they should clear the old shields first…


60% dmg reduction would be overpowered, the ‘‘half action point system’’ is kinda weird imo

God these people are acting me past 3 month sicne i joined.

Keep going.

I love this idea.
I agree to the rest too,but this one is especially appealing to me.


Hmm… Remove the Old shields and add new ones that actually has a duration instead of using heat or energy to operate since we know a Rank 1 player can have 800+ Energy, Though only one player I’ve seen has the old shield, I believe it was the Energy one

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Just introduce it back like it was, and we are fine.

I can’t understand why they removed it.

TS: Hmm… How do we boost our money production in the game SM?
TS #2: Hmm… A reload maybe?
TS: What kind?
TS #2: I dunno, Just reload the entire game, F#ck sh$t over and make everyone start over?
TS: Seems legit

That’s how it probably went Just a joke XD



It was reloaded because the developers team changed.

Ah kek

Check link at very top of original post… old shields had same 60% reduction at max level

Remember, max 2 uses (does not stay on continuously like the old shields, although that heat/energy got burned through really quickly)

As far as half action point system, I’ll clean up the language a bit. I was saying because there is no such thing as a half point system, so melding the shield and walk into one action point would achieve the same purpose

Excuse my English, I use the Google translator

well that’s a very high cost for something that only has 2 uses… the 60% damage reduction is a bit overpowered because every attack would be less than one half the actual damage… this would massively help builds with the claw that have high hp and would loose even less for 2 turns!
the high costs mean nothing when you can equip 8 mods with high health and still have good weapons to attack with!
also… why 17 weight? it basically weights like a phy hook (or heat one too) why not 11 weight

in total i think the cost should be a bit less… the damage reduction maybe 45% so at least 50% of the attack is worth something (also… these shields only help natural elemental shields that we have… now imagine a zark with 99 heat shields along with this new shields… heat mechs would have no way to win against it as long as it doesnt shut down…)… and the weight should be 11 so you can change a teleporter for this kind of shield…

Thanks for the analytical reply :smiley:

The biggest reason for the 20-60% damage reduction range is that was the same range as the types of shields in Legacy

The high cost and weight is because as you point out, the damage reduction is significant. It has to be though, otherwise using the shield is not really worth it.

Your point re: the Claw is noted. It is OP though and will likely see nerfs of reduced HP and increased weight. Another reason for 17kg, is as Mohadib points out ( Range and Weight Strategy ), players should have to make tough choices between what gear to carry and not carry

As far as resists go, yes, they appear higher in Reloaded vs Legacy and so perhaps adjusting the scaling to max of 50% might make sense. Maybe 25% C, 30% R, 35% E, 40% L and 50% Myth. Some playtesting will likely be needed. In principle, the idea is to give some decent protection when choosing to walk (which is lacking), force some tougher decisions (what to carry, whether to counter-move, which weapons to fire) and add a potential game-changer (well-timed shields, delaying/ minimizing an EMP/Heat Bomb).

Again, thanks for the detailed reply

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60% sheild was only in really early stage of game, 50% as best would be better imo

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I still have those legacy shields