Idea of making game more live!


The game should be made more live I mean there should be animations for example u should be able to see squads moving nukes launching and other stuff! It makes it more interesting … I only see 2 animations one is the smoke coming from colony/ op during raze rebel or ban and other one is ion cannon.
More animations makes game interesting to new players…
And I feel that the refresh button shud be removed and instead of that game should be made live … This will be the best thing ever


I think you might be interested in Battle Dawn Earth Arena,

Similar but completely different to Battledawn its done in real time.

Just search on the app store or google play for earth arena :slight_smile:


Ik but I want this battledawn to. Be like that


Wait i thought earth arena and battledawn are same game ? Are they not same game?


Earth arena is an unfinished version of battledawn for mobile. while battledawn is the complete package , but in flash mode and works only on browsers.


Essentially, BattleDawn (the comp version) is just simply not suited to be played on mobile. Many talks were done about creating a mobile app, but the reality of that is, it would be a money suck as it would only give convenience to currently playing BD players. It may bring back “some” players, but it wouldn’t support the financial costs associated with creating it.

So instead, BD:EA was created as a new entity with the same underlying ideas behind the original BattleDawn. But not too surprising really, many times games develop and change over time. Even BattleDawn (the comp version) changed, which we refer to as OC (old client) and NC (new client). The gameplay changed drastically during this switch over as well.

As for the idea to update animations, etc. That just isn’t feasible unfortunately. BattleDawn no longer has dedicated dev’s. The game itself at the core is a turn based strategy. Though it would be fun to have a real time strategy aspect to it, it would overall change the play. Also, with how the game is currently set up, it just wouldn’t work out well. Would essentially be starting from scratch to change the necessary coding for it, in which case, you might as well make an entirely new game :stuck_out_tongue: (aka the story of how BD:EA became)


In short - No they are not.
You can play Battle Dawn on your computer browser. ( it is still possible to play it in a mobile flash browser but it is tough)
You can play Earth Arena in a mobile app.