Idea of how to handle to many weapons

Is there anyways you could put a trash can on menu ?

I got way to many items and I will never be able to get enough gold to convert them over. So, if there was trash can I could just put them in there and delete them. Seems like a good easy way to get rid of them :frowning:


Or lava pit…im ok with that 2

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Or you could keep farming the campaign for gold, then convert.

You must have not read post…

I have to many to fuse and need to get under limit asap

The trash can seem like the only way we can fix this :frowning:


Maybe you can call your trash pirate friend… she can help trash everything. :slight_smile:

as in one of my posts , can we have a "sell back " option for coins

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Im pretty sure they make up their ming on that already…

We just need trash can to throw the stuff away.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib any help …thanks

I will throw you into this trash can first.


As a Tin Can, I agree 200% with the trash can idea. I think it is the best possible option for players like myself who have been grinding the game like dogs, trying to burn the thousands of useless items we’ve amassed in the flames of the upgrade screen incinerator, before the inventory limit kicks in.

Because yes, I would look forward to pouring all the time, effort and money I’ve spent on this game down the toilet in one fell swoop!

Warning: If you are unfamiliar with the concept of sarcasm, please disregard this post and walk to the nearest recycling facility for processing.


i salute your sarcasm and raise it a bit>
We should actualy be charged for throwing the items into the trash can… maybe 1 token a piece…because why not? We can afford it.
we should be punished for hording alot of our myths on witch we spent money!
Viva la revolution, of with the spenders head.
Alot of sarcasm, so just ignore the post.

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I got rid of all my old weapons. I have gold, but no items.