Idea of a Moron

How about we get another Reload? Kidding

Anyways, I’ll get serious, How about the people that got to maxed level, 150, Get actual good rewards, If that’s a bad idea, How about lower the prices for the new paints? Such as For the Marble, From 50 to 25 and for Thunder 300 to 150, So on and so forth, And if that’s not a really dumb idea then how about this?

Epic-Fest? Where the drop rates for Epics are made higher for Newbies and people that just needs evolve food, Also the Legend, Rare and Common Drop Rates wont get affected as only Epics are the only ones that’ll drop, Though a lot people might or will disagree, This idea is only to help Newbies, The map should be beatable in easy for Ranks 20-18 and Hard on ranks 17-15 and Insane on 14 and lower, Hoping this idea will not give anyone cancer XD


Please no.

I’m finally getting some L-Ms and I’m decently satisfied with drops. I think that the game is improving. I do agree about the paint though who the hell wants paint that costs that much? Why not have paints drop in boxes? That would make sense to me.

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except for these words

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all from this post


At least it wasn’t cancer

Actually I think Going back to level 1 and leveling up again to 150 would be a fine idea , which will give them bonus money and tokens … again.

Abusable , there was a ‘‘reset’’ glitch some months ago where people would do that.
They dont lose anything , except for coins.

a glitch is different.

going back to level 1 will not be normal level one … it will be designed with different rewards each level.

That is , the system will know they are leveling again and will give them extra bonus each level they get . and will reset the campaign for them with much harder mechs to fight.

I got a Sizzling Rollers for a lvl 150 reward dangit!