Idea: New legs for electricians

I say they should make an energy version of Grave Diggers just for electricians.

Call them Lights Out :grin:

Maxed Mythical Stats:
3 Electric Damage
1 Electric Drain
2 pull :joy: (when you stomp you take damage)

They should force every EMP/VS carrying mech to equip them. Because electricians are too OP!



Well uhh.
I like the idea but you chose energy?
Really? I rather say heat before nerf of the enerygy.
But yeah i like the stats.
Nice idea lad.

I know why did you put on discussion topic.

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Iโ€™d prefer to have heat legs that are similar to grave diggersโ€ฆ 2 knockback, relatively high heat/explosive damage and low HP

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Sick joke bro you made me laugh.


True but Anni for the win