IDEA: New Color Palettes

Love the new skins… they’re awesome!

Now that we’ve seen what they can do, just wanted to refresh this topic and see it there’s any other ideas…

I’d still love to see Flames and Grey Camo, along with Cheetah and Zebra prints

And then maybe something Techno / Matrix looking… kinda like this but with thinner green lines throughout and more jet black


Got a new one guys… Dragon Scale!!!

Red Dragon Scale


I suggest Crimson Red (like Mythical Level 49) with a scale-like texture, maybe some black outline. Awesome for Heat Mechs!!!

Green Dragon Scale


With some yellow outlines and orange accents. Also nice for Heat as it makes it look like a fire-breather

Gold Dragon Scale


Give it a glow effect like the light blue Lightning on the Storm Mech. This would be good for Phys Mechs

Blue Dragon Scale


A royal blue with some Black accents… perfect for Energy Mechs

Black and White varieties would be neat as well



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Lol do i see minecrap skins?

Minecraft fans will sue me now

Yo G, Come on Man! :rofl: I was at work when I found that… that’s all I could find in a short time

Perfect for minecraft skins.