IDEA: New Color Palettes

I’m not sure if colors have to be purely solid for the color customizer, but if not, here would be some neat palettes…

Green Camo - Forest Green, Light Green, Brown, Black
Desert Camo - Tan, Brown, Black
Grey Camo - Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black

Flame Pattern - Red, Orange, Yellow (flame-like appearance)
Volcanic - Black with some Lava like Orange/Red highlights

Blue Lightning - Darker Blue with some Lightning like Light Blue highlights
Futuristic - Dark, dark Grey with Neon Blue lines on it

If we can’t have Palettes, then maybe some of the following colors…

Neon Green
Neon Yellow
Neon Orange
Dark Grey (terminator style)

Updated Extras:
Jubilee Silver (like Rolls Royce or Porsche)
Shiny Gold
Baby Blue

Some Additional Palettes:
Cheetah Print
Tiger Print
Zebra Print
Shadow Skin


I dibs as personal colours.

Where’s cyanine? It’s a color too :disappointed_relieved:

Nvm this is cool


Oh yeah, Cyan would be nice

Also, Jubilee Silver (same color as a Porsche or Rolls Royce)

I’d go for the Grey Camo myself

Although, theres 2 types of “cyanine”, there’s Green cyan and Blue cyan

I just want 'em to add purple, orange, and make all the prices equal.


Prices equal I’m with you on that, why the hell did they make plain white expensive?
Well, I guess it looks CLASSY to any mech, but really, 100 tokens?
ALso if they’re gonna make equal prices it’s gonna be 6 for all, 12 for Red and White.

Also, I want them to add these colors :

Cyan - 6 tokens for me, costs 99999999 tokens to other people.
Purple - 6 tokens
Level 36-40 Yellow Orange - 12 tokens
Level 46-49 Crimson - 12 tokens
Black - 24 tokens
Gray/Grey for all you British people - 6 tokens
Navy Blue - 12 tokens
Orange - 6 tokens
Baby Blue - 12 tokens
White Lavender - 12 tokens
Shiny Bronze - 50 tokens
Shiny Silver - 50 tokens
Shiny Lead - 50 tokens
Shiny Gold - 100 tokens
Shiny Black - 100 tokens
Shiny Azz - 56743985675878905 tokens… Except this one is not gonna be implemented.


I like it… But like I have said many times over and over again.
Devs are almost never gonna implement ideas we give here.


I like all the ideas of new colours but the developers don’t add the new colours that their comunity (como se dice pide en ingles? :v) like

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Yes, brother… preach it!

Metallic Silver with some shiny highlights!!!

I’ll Be Back!!!


Prepare to see me summoning him.

Idk if he is going to come.

Ooh… Shiny Gold would be awesome!

250 Tokens!!!

Man, that would cost a small fortune to make a pure gold mech!!
Someone would go for it though… I’ve heard of someone turning all 3 mechs completely white

Maybe they’d accept just 2 Tokens to make my mech have a shiny gold tooth

Added some updates at top

Original soundtrack activated

The cybernetic organisms that I represent are more “blue steel” than “dark gray”.
But I agree about metallic paints with some lights (eyes, buttons on the torso…).
We need new color kits (the current ones are too… flashy?)

End of transmission.

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@cousin_joe add that colour what T said.

added shadow skin… I’m assuming that’s completely black with no details (maybe just the eyes)? Like this?

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Was scrolling through the forums and found this…


It looks like Palettes can be done