[IDEA] New 4th element for Supermechs Reloaded

So we got Heat… we got Energy… we got Physical… now introducing a 4th Faction…

In other words… NANOTECHNOLOGY

  • This is SuperMechs Reloaded Ladies and Gentleman… let’s get something cool and modern into the game… I’m not talking immediately… I’m saying, let’s phase it in… start it off as a Non-playable, Campaign only faction (this would actually pair very nicely with my 3v3 Invasion Mode Idea)… then slowly make it playable in PvP


  • I wanted to suggest a faction with it’s own unique playstyle, but easy enough for Tacticsoft to put in, without much Graphics or Programming work. Nanotech’s damage increases over time. Early Ranged attacks build up a damage multiplier, and then when ready, Nanotech closes in for the kill. Nanotech will have various abilities to allow early survival until it’s multiplier is built up.
  • I suggest the color Green. It plays like a Ranger. It’s mortal enemy is Phys (think Green Lantern Corps vs Sinestro Corps). While Phys likes to close in and just clobber opponents, Nano ducks and dodges, peppers them with preparatory attacks, and then finishes off their weakened foe.


  • To keep things simple and easy to incorporate, NanoTech weapons use Physical damage and are affected by Physical Resist. Nano weapon damage starts off in the same ballpark as Heat and Energy (ie. definitely less than Phys)

  • In addition to Phys damage, Nano weapons deal Infestation Damage. The weapons basically “Infest” their opponents with NanoTechnology that increase damage of future attacks. Nano weapons will typically do 5-10% Infestation Damage per attack. In the screenshot below, cousin_joe is 38.5% Infested meaning each attack by the opponent is multiplied by 1.385 (eg. an attack dealing 200 damage does 277 damage)

  • Typically, long-distance weapons will be lower in Phys damage, but higher in Infest damage. Melee weapons will be higher Phys damage, but lower in Infest damage.


  • Nano Melee weapons like the Scythe do high Phys damage. They will also be the first weapons to feature Siphon (a form of Lifesteal - basically Nanotech returns some of the damage back as health - again, maybe 5-10% range). Again, Nano needs to survive long enough to take advantage of it’s multiplier.



Hacker Array

  • Nanos will need weapons that keep them in the fight. This is a special weapon which can disable enemy weapons, drones or legs for 1-3 rounds helping the NanoMechs’ chances of survival until their damage multiplier increases. It would look like a satellite dish mounted on the Mech’s shoulder. See my Crippler Idea for more details on how this would work



  • Nano Torsos would be pretty standard with the usual stats. The only addition would be a small add-on to Infestation damage (eg. Infestation damage +0.25% (common) to +1.5% (mythical)). Green lights



  • Nanos do not walk, they hover… 3 spaces to be exact. They also do not stomp, nor can they be stomped. They can Charge. The high mobility is to help stay away from the Physicals


Logarithmic Drone (Log Drone for short)

  • keeping with Nano’s theme of increasing damage over time, the Log Drone does 10-20 dmg 1st shot, then 20-40 2nd shot, 40-80 3rd shot, 80-160 4th shot, and 160-320 from 5th shot onwards. Starts slow but is very powerful at the end.

Repair Drone

  • I know repair drones are not popular, but come on, this is NanoTech :grinning:. It would be a small amount (25-75 HP) in keeping with Nano’s theme of trying to stay alive until the damage multiplier is high enough


  • I know they are not in game yet, but I proposed an idea for re-introducing Heat and Energy Shields. These were 2-use Shields that blocked 20-60% of incoming damage for one whole turn. Well, NanoMechs would have a Stealth Generator version of this shield, which is 1-use, but would block 75-100% of incoming damage for one turn.



  • There are no specific resists to Infestation Damage (how could you resist the Nanotech Infestation?). However, to make it simple, Tacticsoft would have to create a new slot for a consumable I would call Nano Cleanse Kit. This is a Single Use item that would reduce Infestation by a small amount.

  • 10kg kit = 10% Reduction of Infestation Damage, 15kg kit =15% Reduction and 20kg kit = 20% Reduction. Players decide which kit they want to carry but they can only carry one. It would take one action point to use the kit and reduce the Infestation damage

Anyways, that’s some rough ideas for now. Again, the idea would be to introduce it as a Campaign enemy initially, and then make it playable later. The new technologies introduced here would make for a more interesting and strategic game and could be used by some of the other Mech factions. I realize current strategy and balance needs some work, but this might be something to look at more long-term to keep SuperMechs exciting and interesting for years to come :grinning:

Thoughts? As always, I would appreciate any Feedback or Suggestions :grinning:

  • I would love to eventually see Nanotechnology as a 4th faction in SuperMechs, as described or similar
  • I would like to see a 4th faction in SuperMechs, but have other ideas
  • I am not interested in a 4th faction for SuperMechs

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Is this a variation on the “poison” type that many people have speculated in the past?

I also don’t think this is a good idea… there are already 3 imperfect types in the games, no need to add another and complicate it more.

But as always @cousin_joe, coming up with great topics!

I think it would add more symmetry

You got your Red and Blue (Heat and Energy)
Then, you’d have your Yellow and Green (Phys and Nano)

It sounds weird, but you might be able to actually balance it better

Don;t get me wrong, I think the game has some balance issues it has to work out first, hence introducing this as a Non-playable Campaign Faction only to start, but come on, you gotta admit it would make a great Enemy for Red, Yellow and Blue to band against initially! :grinning:

Maybe… Let’s hear some other opinions on your idea


I just had to edit your post.
It’s an element not faction lol.

Energy is an element, so is heat and physical.

Factions are basically clans.

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It’s a good idea, but would be way too OP. Imagine someone with 100% infestation, and then a max spartan carnage doing 800+ damage. Add healing to the mix, and you got an unstoppable new element.

It would not work, battles are very short now so no poison/nanotech.
Psyh mechs with lifesteal weapons would be deadly for arena, big no from me for now

I like your idea very much. At the same time, I feel so sorry for you bro! You wasted so much time thinking over the details, and even more time posting this into this forum. Tacticsoft employees do not give shit about such ideas. They never respond to ideas posts (apart from graphics ideas, cause I bet they are just too lazy to design items themselves now, they just enjoy the cream of Reloaded now)… I produced several long posts with ideas, like Kaiju in SM, daily containers bonus… etc. Do you know how many replies I received? 0. So yeah, good job, and now just find another sandbox for you…

No, balance would go down even more :exclamation:

It wasn’t too bad… gave mme something to do while farming gold portal :grinning:

Highly detailed and I love the idea

The repair drone would be used on physicals and other types- not good

It is a pretty good idea, but I think is not useful, since high ranking matches can end in less than 6 turns- no time to even consider using its abilites

It also might be pretty op against heat and energy

Will just say this.
In a rock-scissors-papper game, the shape is a triangle.Altho is would imply balance… wich we dont have in this game since phis is dominant.
But lets assume it is a triangle, each element counters an element.
If you add a new element it becomes a squar.
Altho squars arw balanced, they lack shifting sides, turn it and you will always get same side.
The lroblem with squar typology, is thst it cannot evolve into a new thing.
And once it becomes balanced, it becomes unmovable.
Adding a 4th element will stagnate the game in basicly an equal balanced shape, that has nk dinamic.
So… i say kinda of a no to this.
But i really liked the work and thought you put into this.
Kudos to you.
Keep it up.

so this are my thoughts…

then just give the torsos and legs more hp… around as much as phy mechs or give them more res

DUH, tbh i dont want to see any type of healing while battling… ever

i think this is a bit unfair… even if the buff is this little because then other torsos should get a weapon buff too like zark and other heat torsos should get a buff for heat and energy torsos for energy and phy for phy but then no one would want to mix torsos with different weapons… so i think the buff is not necessary, im sure there would be a place to upgrade dmg and nano buff if this class was included in the game…

ok… this sounds a bit dumb since we already have legs that move 3 spaces so i think that instead they should be able to get wheels that start at epic or something and go up to myth, also the not being able to stomp is trashy… is like forcing them to wear a claw but instead they can move and have less hp, also the fact that they can charge is a bit op because they can close in quickly and then get out… so no thank you, i think that having normal stop and movement is good.

no fight would last that much to be able to use this strength to your advantage… instead the growth should be a bit slower but the dmg a bit higher… not sure about how much tho :sweat_smile:

no thank you, again as i had said. i think you should just give them either more res or more hp (as much or more compared to phy) also you do realize that you would have to decide between this drone and the log drone if they were released right? like you cant equip both

no thank you… lets just stay with the energy and heat shields… we dont need something that can block 1 whole attack!

pls no… instead just give the dmg protection but for this tech, we dont need a cleanse kit or anything like that! just give the res stat! which would lower the dmg just like any other dmg! we dont need to complicate ourselves with so many new ideas

in total i think that your idea is creative, but instead of healing, the faction/element itself should have around as much hp as a phy can have so then the buff can make it’self useful. also we dont need to complicate the legs mechanics or torso stats, legs should have the dmg and nano buff just like the weapons, not the torsos! is like giving all the heat heat buffs, energy energy buffs, and phy phy buffs. favoring players for using the same torso type as the dmg type is not such a good idea, legs should be normal with movement and stomp and there should be no healing at all
also weapons shouldnt be like “oh all close weapons have high dmg but low infestation while long range have the opposite” instead i think the items should vary just like in the other elements
also i think that the nano should be purple… idk why but i think so beause it reminds me of so many movies where nano tech is purple or something close to that (like in Black Panther, some sci-phy alien tech movies and i think Brainiac …)

Yes, variation of poison type would make the most sense

What about as a 4th nonplayable campaign faction?? I should have had that as a poll option.

I tried to make it easy to implement by overlapping Physical type with Nano. I guess you would actually have to create a separate Nano damage type instead of Physical (so Phys doesn’t get the Infest bonus)

Nano weapons hit for less than physical at baseline so it would be balanced.

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somewhere else it was suggested freezing technology…altough nano stuff sounds cool, it is not really as someone said “battlemechlike”
and imo freeze is more natural counterpart to heat than nanotech to any other
(i wonder what would be the proper counterpart for electric and phys?..)

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