Idea- Hybrid Modules

About a month ago the game introduced two hybrid weapons- a heat weapon that uses only energy and an energy weapon that uses only heat. I’d like to expand this concept to modules. Right now there are six things modules give
-Heat Storage
-Energy Storage
-Resistance (either universal or specific.)

Generally modules do one thing or two things in a single element (e.g. cooling and heat storage). So why not introduce a line of modules that do two different things across different elements. Such as HP and Cooling or Heat Storage and Regen? Certainly these modules shouldn’t be as good as the specialist modules, in the same way that an engine of a given level is not as good as a storage module or a mass booster of that level in the specific categories which the latter boosts.

I’m not saying we need to do every combination (there would be 36 if we do the specific resistances separately) but we could at least the most sensible ones. Plus it would be nice to have some mythable modules which give HP that aren’t plats- they would give significantly less HP than a plat, but would also give something else useful, and would give HP more than an epic 30/30 Iron Plates HP at 50/50 myth.

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hp with energy/heat? nah…
I would like 2 resists(only two, not 1 or all)
pretty nice idea though.

Well, you could explain a module that grants both HP and regen as a kind of plating that converts kinetic energy into,well energy. I figure that sort of thing makes sense.

Likewise a module that grants both HP and cooling as a plating designed to have a lot of surface area in order to promote more heat diffusion.


I would propose the following hybrid combinations as the ones which make the most sense to me:

Tempest Hardened Systems: Electric resist and Energy Storage
Inferno Hardened Systems: Heat resist and Heat Storage
Sandstorm Hardened Systems: Phys resist and HP
Diffusion Plating: Cooling and HP
Conversion Plating: Regen and HP
Thermocooler Array Energy Storage and Cooling
Thermodynamic Generator: Heat Storage and Regen

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I suggested a similar idea earlier…

Heat Treated Plates - Give HP + Heat Resist
Energy-Infused Plates - Give HP + Energy Resist

Again, something to bridge the gap between the C-E Resistance Modules vs. the L-M Resistance modules

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How about those old dual mods that did a little bit of both, like a dual engine with 20 energy, 20 heat, 10 regen, 10 cooling, and 40 weight.

If it gives that much make the weight 60.

maybe one of the mods would be like more hp than a iron plate but less than a plat plate
like this:

fire version:
weight (50)
hp: 225
res: exp 37

electric version
weight (50)
hp: 225
res: ele 37

phy version
weight (50)
hp: 225
res: phy 37

maybe also like only 2 res protections of different kinds that weight more than 1 protector but weight less than equipping 2 protectors

weight (39)
res: 49 both heat and energy
and there would be one for every 2 elements

Then you would rather just have 2 engines if it weighed that much because it does less for the same weight.

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