Idea for Veteran Players (Develpoers please read!)

I know , i know. I said i quit , but i still get back from time to time.

Since some of us since have NOT fused all of their Legacy items , i myself have like 100 left to fuse and coins are a problem , i dont have much time to grind for coins so yeah.

How about a special event for VETERAN players , where boosting (not tranfsorming) will be free , so we can get rid of everything. Free 2 Play veterans need some slack and free boosting.

@Mohadib & @Sarah247


I think you need to define “veteran.” Otherwise, they’ll have no idea what to do.

Btw, I don’t think they can do that. That would technically be considered favoring a certain group, right?

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Technically yeah , but it can go for every sm player that cant get rid of his legacy items.

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Just make boosting free for everyone.