Idea for the most unsuccessful function in the game

I want to propose an idea for the most unsuccessful function in the game - for titan.
So, periods began when I could not be in the game at the time of the appearance of titan, I do not have time to collect tickets already for the second titan. At the same time, my reward is as if we didn’t kill a titan = 100 coins (this is despite the fact that I can fill the most damage).
In this regard, my idea of ​​equality among the players:
It’s simple - there is a certain number of tickets, we divide them by 24 (clan members) and we get the number of tickets for each clan member. Everyone fills tickets individually. When a player has filled his tickets, a titan opens for him and he can beat him. Thus, injustice disappears (employment of a person, time zones, and so on).

  • Yes, that would be great.
  • No, this is superfluous.

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It would be complex and bad to add in because if the clan has less then 24 players an algorithm would have to figure out way to spread the tickets evenly between the amount player in the clan (in a range of 1 - 24) causing decimal values so really it would break the game and the whole ticket system.

Also the point of the tickets is for the team to work together to kill the titan.


where’s the “needs a few explanations/tweaks on some points” option ? ^^

I mean, the idea is not bad, but there would be some stress points…
exemple: will the titan’s level/star-rating will be individual, or clan-based ?

if it’s clan-based, it might require X members of the clan to beat their individual titans, in order to unlock the higher tier… But it would be “unfair” for players who can easily wreck a titan, but aren’t enough in the clan to get a “titan upgrade”…
But if it’s individual, then the Titans’ main point will be destroyed (the teamplay part of it…)


So what is the purpose of clan when each member fight their individual titan? In a clan, we appreciate teamworking and collaboration and current titan function fit it well.

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why complicate) titan one / one complexity for all members of the clan.
The current system has displeased me since the very first appearance of titan, it causes some kind of aggression towards the clan members. I already saw a man leave the clan because of the tickets!

but at the moment I will conduct an experiment, I will not beat the titan, I will see what i’m worth))
I have no desire to look for an assembly for titanium, to select tactics, and so on …

I agree! BUT we have an individual reward that brings discord inside the clan! Some have 200 coins, the other 100, the damage for these people is the same.
You can search, at the time of launching the first titan, I said that the reward should be the same for all participants (killed titan - get all the same reward - you did it, together !!! did not kill - blame yourself :)), but the developers ignored it - attempt number two to make an equal reward))

The clan should manager the Titan tickets. A good clan is not a clan full of Players Rank 1 but a Clan with good organization and were Clan members cares about each other. We have already individual events like global players ranking and Raid. So I don’t see the point in change the actual system. I think you should discuss that subject with your clan leader. Your leader and clan mates togheter should solve that issue.

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Imagine that a titan is open in your clan, everyone filled up the necessary number of tickets to get to everyone, but several people are missing. You do not know what is with them and where they are, what will you do? Leave them tickets and you risk not to collect tickets on the first day? Or stuff tickets and leave these people deprived?
And then they will come, they will see that they have got nothing and will leave.

This is only one of the options.
They can also ignore the titan and the clan will lose!
What do you like about the current reward system?

Another nuance, people play in different time zones. If you wait for everyone to fill the rate, then someone will not be able to cause damage on the first day! Are you suggesting that these people find an arc clan? Or be satisfied with 80-100 coins, while those who filled the tickets will receive 200 coins? Or ignore titan completely?

I can come up with many more options where your agreement will be broken!

As I said your clan should manage it. In my clan we manage it and no complains until now.

Show statistics your titan! I am 100% sure that half do nothing, so you are satisfied.
Imagine a clan with a weak titan (700 tickets), someone will love 200+ tickets …

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Titans with 700 tickets? Long time that I don’t know what is that lol.

I have never seen such titans, but I know what they are have, I saw screenshots)