Idea for the forum.Forbidding users from own threads


It’s a simple idea.Like the block/forbid on facebook.
Basically,forbidding users from replying to your threads.Implementing an option that will not allow a specific user to comment on your topic if set.


Does kind of prevent people from arguing against ideas… but could stop flamewars…


Soo like forbidd sumerian? xD


Any forum features should be requested on the discourse site.


People that disturb your thread or simply won’t leave you alone.
I won’t name them so I don’t violate the latest rule,but you know this couple of guys.


I like the idea right now.


Thanks,I didn’t know about that.
I’ll submit it there.


uGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i like the idea. please add it.


Elcent,in which category should I include this idea?


They have many plugins already available however you also need to convince Alex to install them xD

Moved to off topic.


@Alexander this idea.
It could prevent flamewars. It has its pros and cons.


Prevents flamewars
Prevents trolls trying to start something
Blocks someone who just hates you so much that he attacks every topic you make


Prevents people from expressing their opinions on a certain idea

I think this is all the stuff.
What do you think? Btw, Elcent moved this to off topic because he’s sweetie.


Well, there is an option with which you can mute players, but I don’t think it forbids them from replying to your thread. You can find it somewhere in your profile settings.


Great idea.

Now get the heck out of this thread


this will come in super handy when I want to make suggestions and distort public opinion of it by blocking those who would have dissenting oipinions. you might see it as mean spirited exclusion and censorship, which it is. but these things are perfectly fine when done to the bad people. #echochambers