Idea for super mech

hi , i will show you idea i have for update supermech

  1. add the option to trade with player in is clan

  2. add more option for get tokken

  3. and finally do color kit cost just coin because token are really hard to get and color kit is very nice for custom is mech

4.reducte cost of upgrade because is really hard to up legendary tier item

thanks you to take care of this and have a nice day


This feature will be abused. Have you not seen the other suggestion topics of this?[quote=“Primos, post:1, topic:9753”]
add more option for get tokken
I agree, supersonic does not work for me.[quote=“Primos, post:1, topic:9753”]
and finally do color kit cost just coin because token are really hard to get and color kit is very nice for custom is mech

Maybe a price reduction of the kits?


Maybe make them their original cost , like it was before ._.

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this discussion was there several months ago. several people argued that those with multiple accounts(i.e the same guy/girl who makes 2 supermech accounts with different email ids) will trade all their strong weapons /items into one account and become extremely powerful.

i also had given a solution for this : namely the old barter system-where an epic item gets exchanged for an epic item, legendary for legendary and so on ; so that one can’t have all his/hers strong weapons poured into one account as something has to be exchanged. well this is not going to happen any soon;

i know that this kind of discussion was there before i took part in it and nothing has happened till now. hope someone may one day convince ts about this.

they might do it if they can get commission-profit by acting as mediator for the trade.

First of all welcome in the forums! :slight_smile:

  1. Just no… it won’t happen and we already talked about that in many other topics.

  2. Um… you can watch ads for 2 tokens.

  3. Yeah you’re right! I won’t pay 100 tokens for a white paint -.-

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if trade with player in is clan is abused trade can cost something exemple

common cost 5 tokken

uncommon cost 10 tokken

epic cost 15 tokken

and legendery cost 20 tokken

can trade one time in day and cant trade mythical because you right trade mythical is op

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If you’re right, I will not pay 100 tokens in a painting that we can regret, I know few people with a full white torso

Community sale must be added on super mechs so the player would not be bord again supermechs community sailing items for tokens and money

Where you can do this, watching ad to get 2 tokens ? I only knew about SuperSonic, and it don’t really works…

Press the tokens, after that click the “free tokens” one and you will get 2 tokens after the vid.

Maybe add a market trading system like FIFA games , where market pricing is controlled by the devs. But it wouldn’t work for limited items like this idk honestly who would trade I their myth plate for even 10000000000 Coins