++Idea For Stopping Quitters++

PRESS the FIGHT button and you WIN OR DIE PERIOD

I completely agree! If you fight - you either win or die!


the fact that you all (even the developers) cant understand is that TOP PLAYERS WILL ALWAYS STAY TOP PLAYERS BECAUSE THEY GET REWARDS THAT BENEFIT THEM i would like to point out that i am a 0 star rank 3 and i keep getting rank 2’s to battle its so annoying to know all of this is for nothing also all of my weapons just got nerfed im just not understanding how when people try to make this “better” they make it worse and easier for the top players and i feel thats whats this is about, the top players want their rewards i would be pissed too but no one wants to sit around while they get dominated by a much stronger mech if the problem should be fixed make it so that rank 1’s fight rank 1’s and rank 2’s fight rank 2’s and rank 3’s like rank 3’s i stupid to know that everytime i click that dreadful fight button i fight people like Toxic or GODZILLA whats even worse is that my fully fused malice beam (that used to do 200 dmg when energy was at 0) now does 72-115 damage and 74 energy damage the quitters see the top players as people they cant beat
so why should they even try like i said for the 3rd time NO ONE WANTS TO SIT AROUND GETTING DOMINATED BY A TOP PLAYER WITH OVER 1500 HEALTH its just stupid how people complain about the rewards when they arent even seeing from the quitters perspective

Sometimes it is the time of day when you play.

I find that when the lobby is around 100 or so players, the chance that I face the top players (higher than rank 100) is high, and the chance that I will fight them again is also high.

If the lobby is populated more (around 300 above) I see more balanced searches, and the fights are more fun.

So, if you want to have more fun with the ladder, play when there are more people around (or when the top players are asleep :wink:)

I personally take it as a challenge, and a benchmark. When I face top players - the really strong ones, I sort of check my performance against them and see how long I can last before getting completely obliterated. Yeah, I will be defeated, but I try to make them work for the win. :slight_smile:

And, if all else fails - it means your equipment is not enough for ladder battles.

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i play all day and all night and i still take L’s its not that equipment is not enough THEY JUST GOT NERFED i used to have 945 for my interceptor and now its 633. you are complainging about somthing that you guys are the cause of if anything complain about the crappy matchmaking system that pits you against the top players when you are too weak to fight them you are complaining about the people that hate fighting you guys, you are complaining because “you want your rewards” we want our rewards to but if i keep fighting top players (and in my personal opinion) you guys don’t deserve to win if you are complaining about not getting rewards
and thanks to all of you that have complained about this stupid topic i have to make a completely new account because i cant even win on my old account now

I only lost about 50 life for my nightmare

Believe it or not we hate fighting you guys too it is boring. We don’t pick to fight you, we are forced to fight you. And we both should get our reward for our time.

Try sitting there and getting 60 quitters in a row… See if you complain then.
I am so strong even other high rank players quit when they see me. So yeah it really sucks…

And if you think the reason we are strong because the top 3 gets rewards you are fooling yourself…
The reward for winning is nothing compared to what we put into our mechs.

I am one of those “top players” and I still take “Ls” there is always going to be someone stronger than you no matter what rank you are.

at this point i have been screwed over so badly i cant come back from it, it took so long to get my weapons into what they were… AND THEY NERF THEM??? spent my whole life getting my mech to be the most powerful before and after this apocalypse of an update and all of that is all gone :\ im done talking about this dumb topic when i cant even do that much damage.

I agree to what @Rage says i don’t want to get wrecked in 2-3 turns and i dont want to watch my bot getting smashed by strong bots

So quit! I have no problem at all with this! GUYS, THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE IDEA OF QUITTING, BUT RECEIVING NO REWARDS FOR A BATTLE WON WITH A CLICKER!! ESPECIALLY IN THE BONUS RUN. This is -50k for me! You need to understand once and for all. This is the core of the problem - we do not get reward if someone quits away… Not the idea of quitting as such…


I think both players should get the reward. No one wants to sit and watch their mech destroyed in a hopeless battle. And to be honest I don’t want to waste my time beating a weak mech in a hopeless battle, it is not fun for either of us. But both people should get a reward for the time it took to find the match… When you get over 50+ quitters in a row and 0 reward for all that time wasted it sucks… We don’t give a poop if you quit we don’t care about fighting you, weak mechs are not fun to battle. What we care about is the reward. We should not be punished for the matchmaking, matching weak players with strong players.

And now since it takes top players several minutes to get even a 1v1 match, it sucks even more when people quit and you get no reward.


Ok, ok, A lot of you are seeing it at this perspective: Average or bad mech vs Top mech, but what about ¿Top vs Top? or ¿Average vs Average? and someone quits at the very end of the battle seeing that they will lose, it’s fair? of course it’s not. if a player quits because of that is very annoying and maybe their are not “stealing” your money, but they are making your “earnings” worst, maybe it’s not something to fight about and it’s a game but, what’s the point of a game where you can’t improve your character or do it more slowly not for your fault, but for the others fault?
Maybe some of you guys don’t think that 50-100k gold is worth, but what about the players that are trying to improve their mechs (like me)?

And other thing is that the top players and top clans always will be in the best ranks because the game is designed like that, giving a lot of items and cash to the best to improve themselves making a endless cycle for the best getting stronger and the others nothing.
Maybe it will change with the new updates and i like the idea of not giving them only Myth items, perharps is better grant the chance to get an item like now (rare to myth)… and giving some chance for the other players too.

If they quit near the end you still get all your rewards… The problem is when they quit in the first round.

Those people in top ranks have also spent 100s of dollars and 100s of hours getting there. Super mechs does not pick out someone and give them the best items for free, and to win top three you need the best items. By the time you get strong enough to win top 3 the prizes are not needed to get strong you are alredy strong. The stupid 3 epics top clans win is just junk to most top players.

Maybe they spent a lot of money, but i’m not saying that they should get nothing for all, i’m just saying that they should be granted with the oportunity, and the others too, but not the same (why you didn’t quoted the part of “some chance”?). And of course the money has to be a important part of this, but NOT ALL.

You missed my point @Walt_dark The way you explained top clans and top players is wrong. Top players are top players because they have put the time and or money into it, not because they win prizes… Only 3 people get a cash prize every week and the top clan prizes are mostly stuff you can get in free boxes. Being in a top clan and being a top player have little to do with how strong you are how strong you are is measured by the time and money you put into the game. It is not a vicious circle like people try to make it out to be.
This game is very greedy they give very little away and most of what they do give away is not helpful.

Lol I mean do you really think you would be a top player if you won this every week?
I get more from pvp and free boxes every week. And sometimes they don’t even give out the top clan prize…
But when you miss out on 30,000 gold a day because people quit then that hurts you…
All people want is the daily bonus gold you get for the first 5 pvp fights you do each day.

You missed my point too, how should I put it? i said that i like the idea (like right now), and you are saying that they are in the top because of all his efforts (is it correct to use his?) and it’s fine, but until some months ago (i guess, returned to play 4 days ago) they got 1 MYTH item every week and we couln’t get the myth items on the “free boxes” and/or get tokens (or premium boxes) that easily, because of that, a lot of less chances to get something decent… now we have the “same chances” getting the “low tier” items and can upgrade them with effort and maybe someday reach them…
Edit: no no no, it wasn’t 1 myth, actually it was 3 MYTH items xD

Well that has changed now no one can get a mythic item from a box or as a prize. The highest you can get is legendary you have to fuse and transform now to make mythics. And since all those mythic items from before were turned into worthless items now. They really help no one now…[quote=“Walt_dark, post:38, topic:5945”]
(is it correct to use his?)

If you are asking if I am a boy the answer is no I am a girl.

I am really not trying to argue with you @Walt_dark I am just trying to explain that is one thing that did not carry over from the old game after the update. Top clan prizes now are just mostly epic junk you can get from a free box. I mean that was the point of your post giving everyone the same chance and that top clans get prizes that others can’t get? well it is not like that now.

That’s why i said that i like the new system, now all of us have “the same chances” to get items, and the top has highest chances (getting some items and money) but not guaranteed.
I recently quitted an mmorpg game that was just trying to get more and more money putting more “item tier lvls” and “lvl caps increased” for 4th time… nerfing all our efforst (i was an… Top, medium, medium-low rank player xDD in terms of strength and was f2p)
And i asked if is correct to use “all (they) his efforts”, english is not my first language so sometimes i have some problems with that xd

and… we got off topic xD

No, no, NO.
Seal clubbers should be burned at the stake!:imp:

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