++Idea For Stopping Quitters++

My idea came from the bug yesterday were you lost 2 rank places in battles which has been since fixed…

My idea is if you quit you lose 2 rank places instead of 1… The penalty isn’t very severe but it will soon stop people from quitting, especially if your on the border between Rank 1 and Rank 2 were every place makes a difference…


Great idea! I think it can really work. I constantly see players bragging on chat how they have full stars, I think this will have a lot affect on quitters if they can drop to lower rank easily. :dancer:

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The situation where players quit and get the opponent “stuck” is a bug and we’re currently researching it to fix it.

Quitting a battle mid game supposed to be equal to a regular loss of the quitting side.
Only exception is a fight where no one did anything and then the system should close the fight without any result.

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We are talking about the first turn quitters, especially when we are playing for daily reward, and instead getting 8000 gold, we got nothing.
So, losing 2 stars for quitting can be good idea to stop players from quitting on 1st turn.
Or, if that is not possible, at least give us daily task reward no matter if they quit or not.
That problem we are trying to solve.

Who in the right mind cares about ranks? You must be insane to think that that’s an effective consequence, reduction of 10 tokens applied to the one that never left should be the consequences.

I know players that leave the match just to be at one star and that’s a very effective way to get an easier match.

I hate that bug…

“Quitting a battle mid game supposed to be equal to a regular loss of the quitting side.
Only exception is a fight where no one did anything and then the system should close the fight without any result.”

There should be a penalty for first turn quitters they rob us of our daily mission gold and waste our time. Some even sit and cuss at you or rage at you for 30 seconds before they quit and we still get nothing but our time wasted…

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Once the bug will be fixed and the game will return to normal quitting = loss so it will be a regular win (with respect to the bonus).


We hope that will come this way !
Please dont promise to much, until now, WE ALL didnt get anything if opponent quit first turn !

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why and whats the point??? no one wants to sit around while they are being destroyed by a top player they cant even destroy, in my opinion its not really a good idea :\

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Probably one of the biggest problem with “quitters” now is the loss of potential win bonus.

If you win a pvp battle (while your daily mission is active) your reward is very high - around 8-9k gold, if I am not mistaken. Then, once you finish the daily mission, it reverts to 1k somthing.

So, with this, you only have 5 chances to get this high win bonus reward. But if a player quits on you - you earn a win, but not the reward. So if the 5 players you face quit on you, you do not earn the gold. (unless this is an animation thing which is not showing…) in any case, that is my experience so far.

Please look into it, and see if there is any workaround to this problem.


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“First Turn Quitters”!

That’s the biggest problem so far because, as you have pointed out, they rob us of the reward bonus.

I have been pointing this out for some time, too.

Can first turn quitters, while the daily mission is still active, still give us the bonus gold reward? It can revert to 0 reward for all I care once the mission is done.

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So, you are supposed to get 8 000 for wining someone, you both know you are gonna win, so he quits and you get nothing. Is that fair? Wouldnt it make you angry because you just lost 8 000 gold, which you could use for making your mech stronger.
Now imagine that happens every day, on at least 3 battles. So instead you get 40 000 gold, you will get 16 000, or just 8 000. Is it fair?
Please think a little before you start hating.

Once you click the fight button then a player is found for you to fight, you enter the SM moshpit you should be locked in PERIOD. You fight till you WIN or DIE problem solved PERIOD…

Only exception should be if the game has an error or some other glitch f up etc then it should time out, reset, kick the bots out of the moshpit etc.

This mamby pamby Millennials ideas of having quiet rooms, running away from fights and.or quitting things that are to difficult for them is sickening.

PRESS the FIGHT button and you WIN OR DIE PERIOD… or don’t freakin play wasting all of our time.

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That is a problem of not being rewarded when the player quits. Not a problem of quitting itself.

When I was a top player I got so bored of having to kill the weak guys who didnt quit, especially on 3v3.

Now I am weaker, i can’t be bothered to waste time when i have zero chance.

Quitting saves time from boring matches. But 100% the winner should get the same reward.


We are all trying to make that point, that winners should get full reward, no matter if the opponent quits. Because they also waste their time, not just those players who quit.


Whats the point of fighting strong mechs and you dont even stand a chance? Whats wrong about quitting?

Just read the topic before you post!

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This. No one needs to be locked in or fight a game they don’t want to. At the same time, no one needs to be robbed of a reward if they won.


Well in the time it takes you to quit, strong mechs can beat you and you get 800 gold for losing. Thats what I dont get why quit and get nothing when you can stay for 20 seconds and get 800 gold…
Maybe if they increased the reward for losing to 1000 gold more people would stay?


I think quiting is the way of the weaker mech to show his disrespect towards the OP builds that are run around now.
And it is a form of protest, to the unbalanced game that this is.
sure he could stay and get crushed … but why? for 800-1000 gold? what is the point… PVP isnt for farming, PVP should be about the fun part of the game, the concept is wrong… you press play and you wanna have some fun, to try your build, to test your skill…unfortunatly there is none of that atm in the game.
It is either crush or get crushed… no skill whatsoever…
So why should a weaker guy, that only plays for fun, and has no dreams about glory of top 10, stay and get crushed like a bug?
Further more, we really gonna whine about 1700 gold? 100 matches = 170k gold, that is pocket money, it wont last you to buy boxes and upgrade a single epic…
Grind the PvP… to get better in PvP… really? Is this like a job? Repetitive? you crush weaklings… to get gold, to get stronger and crush them harder?.. so you can like maybe in 100 fights get 5 fights worth fighting, against others that do the same as you? really?.. let it sink in for a minute.
You would spend hours a day in PvP just to get some gold, to become a little stronger… and maybe beat another guy that does the same ? And in the proccess smash others that… play this game for fun, and amusement? and call them names cause they robbed you of 1700 gold… look at the real thiefs…the ones that really steal from you… that steal the time, and the money…that steal your happyness… or your happyness is crushing weaklings in a 2D pixel game, to get a medal, or recognition by a comunity of 100-200 players?
Just let it sink a bit.