Idea for portals (NOT CLICKBAIT)


you got clickbaited , now read the things i said below lmao.

What if there were portals for 2v2? :thinking:
How much harder would they be?
How much gold will a 2v2 gold portal give ?
How good the drop rates will be in a 2v2 item portal? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


There would be portals for 2v2 then

2x times harder bcz 2v2 battles

Probably the same or close to a 1v1 portal

I don’t know


Meh i don’t care (As long as it’s not yt sht)
Oooof here we go…

Probably stronger.
I hope there are some good rewards.


Maybe same (Ts pls do more better rewards thancc.)


That’s all…now let me rethink my life.


Awww why… Anyways, This a pretty good idea, Though It’ll be really difficult since people that barely defeated Big boy in Hard would have little to no chance I think


dont ever add 2v2 portals pls


Smashes down on the desk

Also 2v2 portals should be times 2 harder but times 2 of legendary drop rates :wink:

Click baited




2 x 0 is still 0 lol


Ok I won’t read the rest


Then good.

Probably the same (we don’t like an another portal like The Claw portal)

Probably 1.5 times more, it is a frigging 2v2 portal, what do you expect? Sh*te gold?

Easy, 1.5 times more better droprates. It’s a hard 2v2 portal, they need to give us some items.


Bad as always





Lol i came here to annoy u.

O sht a lie topic.


aight XD


That is easy to answer.
Everything would have twice the chance to pop out of an item box.
Of course, that total would then have to be divided by 2 to stay at 100%.
So *2 /2 = same chance as 1vs1 portal.
BUT fuel costs would be increased.
It is 2vs2 after all so you need more fuel for your mechs.


Damn, that “NOT CLICKBAIT” actually works, i wish i knew that when i used to make videos.


But it would sound like that it is.
You know what i’m saying?


lol topic revival is funny sometimes for some odd reason


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