Idea for Next Week (Friday the 13th)

Since friday the 13th is literally around the corner , how about the devs make us a gift?

Heres my idea :

For This day , when a player logs on , have them choose 1 premium box , that contains a 100% chanse of getting THAT Legendary.

Let’s say , you log on , and you pick a … Devouring Paws Box. And its a 100% chanse to get that item at a legendary rarity.

I consider this would give the f2p players a little boost , as im saying just an idea. Take it into concideration @Sarah247 & @Mohadib. :slight_smile:

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Give us free legendary

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Only thing I have to say is: Lol

You also said ''Only thing I have to say is : ‘’


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You have dawn blaze max stats ? My corrupt light cant win against insane big boy.

Hhehe. That would be nice, but… asking this to ”Tacticsoft” is like when a ”poor kid” want a Porsche on his 18 years old Birthay :joy: :disappointed_relieved:

An useless reply to a good ideea

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stats for dawnblaze vvv

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