Idea for Mech sets


Let me explain: mech set will be a full mech that you will be able to buy in the shop. They will cost tokens. I dunno, I thought it would be cool. Sometimes there will be mech sets on sale, (those who are more expensive than other and more special). All mech sets have a name. Like: Samurai etc. etc. Hope you like the idea.

  • Awesome idea! I’d love that!
  • Is a good idea.
  • No, no, no, it bad. (tell why)
  • Your idea sucks! (tell why)
  • Is a good idea, but I’d like to change / add a few things.
  • The idea is bad, I’d change / add some things.

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You can buy “mech kits” already lmao


True, but only with a new acct - they stop showing up pretty quick. I like this idea, maybe it could be a way for L-M items to be more obtainable… plus it would just be nice to see.


Good thing.Cus you can get token’s really esay (for me)


nice, nice but I would say that at least they don’t cost too much like 200 or above because lets be honest… who has like 100 tokens every day to buy such sets?
I say you should be able to pay in coins (more money) or tokens (but like around 80 or so) and that the sets are at least good like not (commons - epic) but more like at least (epic - legendary maybe even myth)


This idea already used in the old sm version, but they removed after sm reloaded…53 PM59 PM


But my idea is different. Because, you will be able to see all of them in the shop, you won’t get pop ups.


You still can buy mech set when you create new acc