Idea - Delete old items please


@Elcent @Sarah247 @Mohadib
< Creo ya ha pasado mucho tiempo, desde que llego el update y sería correcto, eliminar los viejos items, ya que no es justo para muchos nuevos jugadores, lo que es una clara desventaja para todos ellos en general.
< Entiendo se dio un plazo para todas esas personas con old items, pero solo es mi pensar, se les ha dado el tiempo suficiente para hacerlo.
@Manta_Shrimp > Not the main items but stuff like:
-1kg teleport
-Double teleport, charge, hook
-Low weight pushers “Firewall, etc”
-All Shield Absorb Energy and Heat
< Gracias por su tiempo.


I agree.
I don’t wanna fight more heaters and electricians like these.


dude, they dont do that since old players who haven’t been here for a while (very long while) may want to come back and still have mechs with these items, if they took them off they wouldn’t be able to even go through campaign

and old items are not that op so i really have a problem understanding what’s your problem with them… smh


muchos old están molestos con los desarrolladores, dudo que regresen.


Not the main items but stuff like:
-1kg teleport
-Double teleport
-Low weight pushers

I don’t think they should be removed (I don’t have a single one as a forgot my legacy account),
because it gives people who played this game for years and have stuck by it through *numerous money grabs, it rewards those people without giving them a big advantage.


true, but i used to be one of those old mechs… the only legacy item that i kept (which i regret not keeping my myth top weapon) is a legendary charge module


oh no i don’t have an old item :sob: counter that shit, double charges and hooks have to use energy and weight more (except 1kg tele but it uses 10 energy)


Never Delete The OLD ITEMS



N E V E R EVER :exclamation:

Love :heart: my old items, so usefull somtimes :exclamation:



BUt think about the balance…


Correct, thats why I am for … and suggested it also, access for all players to old items :exclamation:





0 balance with old items


maybe you legacy haters should have kept good legacys with you smh


I still have PTSD from getting rid of my Lightning Gate.


I accidentally fused away all my sheilds ;-;


A lot of the legacy items are useful. For one, a weapon that knocks you back for 2 on infinite uses, Worst part, it actually worked with his mech, which mean he had been able to shoot his long ranged weapons. Another would be twin teleport and grapples, its a real game changer if you ask me.


i still have my firewall…:slight_smile:


Shields, double hooks, double teleports are op in right hands

Legacy items should be removed


Yeah… nope.
Befor reladed, some “idiots”, actualy paid alot of money to get dual teleports, dual hooks, firewalls.
Even befor that there was the removal of the shop, that made the obtaining of the 1 kg telp, 7kg charge, 6kg hook, and the push wepons(bully, pushback etc), imposible.
The old veterans suffered alot from the removal of the old shop.
And they got scamed big time with the reloaded, when all the money they had spent went down the drain in 1 single swoop of the finger.
Now removing their last legacy wepons, would be very unfair for them.
Just remember when you old legacy veteran player had to destroy evrything, and pay alot of money to fuse away hordes of power kits, just to stay in the game because of the inventory limit.
Sure i agree that newer players should have acces to the legacy items, that is how i see this beeing balanced.