Idea, claw legs

They shouldnt be able to jump forward with a sword. I thought the whole idea behind the mountain of hp they have is that they cant move. So why if you are at 3 range and they hit you with a night eagle they can hop into 1 range with a sword. Kind of crappy unless you all start dropping l-m flame throwers for energy and heat like it is candy. If you cant move, you cant move, right?

Are you bloody serious? why are you trying to continue ruining claws?

They’re movable by other forces. EXP: Swords, hooks, charges, tps etc.

The bloody thing has been nerfed enough. Stop trying to nerf it even more.


Swords dont move them, they cause you to jump forward. Which is exactly what i was talking about?

Edit, did you even read it?

Swords do move them…I’m really gonna need to argue logic on a game that has none.

Yes, I’ve read it a mountain of times trying to figure out the point of these topic.

The Claw itself CANNOT move. At all. (besides it’s poop stomp).

It CAN be acted on by another force, IE A Sword, A Teleport, A Hook, A Charge, or a stomp from another player.

But it, itself CANNOT move without the use of other items. They kept their word on that. I don’t think you understand how other items work WITH it.

(someone, continue this. I’ve had enough internet and pointless topics for today).


Ok, cool, fine. Stop responding. I really didnt want your obviously biased opinion anyway. If a sword gets 1 range on a claw it should get 2 or 3 on legs.

My point is, the claw sacrifices mobility for hp. A lot of hp at that. Those that dont have it are already at a huge disadvantage. They shouldnt be able to gain mobility back through offense. If the damn thing cant move, it cant move, and it shouldnt be able to through a sword. Especially not if they can build a huge wall of energy to support the asshattery.

The claws have the same moveabity on other mechs to. There is absolutely no advantage to having legs at this point. And dont act like there is.

Bro. Chill.

I have to agree with @transcendant here. The Claw is immovable yes. But you want the sword to have no movement effect coming with it? That’s like saying we should remove the charging motion of a charge module on the claw. Or removing the teleport function of the teleport.

You’re point is obsolete and helps no one. I acknowledge your idea but it sucks.

The claw sacrifices A BIT of mobility for A BIT more hp.


It makes perfect sense, swords are weaker because they offer the hop forward no? Claws cant hop, can they? I kind of think it makes sense.

And what advantage is there to having legs?

Are you saying that you understand the physics of the Supermechs world more than any of us do??

Tell us. For example, How did they discover Teleportation?

And also,

To flipping stand up straight.


You have yet to answer any of my questions seriously.

What’s there to take seriously? You’re literally disregarding my opinions due to (YOU GUESSED IT) your own personal bias.

This guys literally only continuing this because he’s been losing to physicals that rely on swords to pull him closer…jesus christ.


Makes no sense

No. But it doesn’t need to when there’s a outer force moving it for us i.e. swords.

To stand up straight.

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Holy sheet it is a roasting town ere’!

But seriously, don’t f*cking Nerf The Claw more or unless it’s COMPLETELY useless except for HP. We already had problems with The Claw with it’s strong azz dmg, now it’s nerfed to hitting like a human breath, and not just because it’s decribed as an “Immovable Legs” or something by Mohadib doesn’t mean it HAS to be Immovable by a ton (excluding charge, tele, and Grap)

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Exactly. Immovable Legs don’t mean Immovable Mech.


uh isnt the point of the sword’s range to be a range closer, regardless of what stompers ya have

this idea jist sounds like another little quirk to people have to remember when using the claw to their advantage, and quite frankly, two things to note about it is really a pain to think about when strategizing.

this also nerfs swords in a way too, making them outclassed by midranges


I mean, you kind of told me I was an asshat and my opinion was invalid. So there is that.

Example: my energy mech has 1750hp (screw me for using a grim reaper, i know) and some dude i square up with has a claw and the zarkares and a sword. Phys type. If i teleport away, he will reel me right in and annihilation. Then i stomp and energy mortar him. What does he do? Night eagle/sword. Well, im fucked. There is absolutely no way i can get this guy away since he has 500 energy. I could blast him with my repulsor, but that would worse than if i just popped another energy mortar at him. At least that takes hp. It is kind of messed up

So… you want this all for personal reasons and didn’t think to find a way around it? Sounds highly selfish.

I have an energy mech and no claws. They way to beat them is to damn energy drain them.


Damn right you are, basically make an energy mech with alot of HP, make a energy mech with EMP and Ash Creator or whatever, or even make a physical mech to fight em’ back by a bit.


Cool, send me parts.

Don’t be lazy. Farm them.


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I know you guys spend lots of money on this game, and i applaud you for keeping it going. But i cant help but to think a couple of you all are Michael Rotondo.

Thanks winz, best response i got. (Keep farming them)

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