Idea, arena spectator box


if you know you are too weak to fight anyone or just dont care to you can go into spectator and watch other people battle. you can even bet with others who will win and earn prizes.


I like the spectating…
But bet?
OOF maybe?
Also you should make a poll


how do i make a poll


Sketch (14)
If it dosent appear…
Then because you are not a basic.
Also it seems you are new.
Please introduce youself if you want.


another idea i had is a new set of mech parts for a dragon theme


a torso in the shape of a dragon head, a pair of double jointed legs, a shoulder mounted flame ball launcher called the dragons breath , and a broad swoard called the dragon slayer, and a small drone that looks like a dragon head that shoots strams of fire.


Uhm…if you want that thing to be added…then please make a topic about that at ideas.
If you want to show us about that.
Then draw it and make a topic about fanart.
Thank you very much.


I have an idea, watch replays instead


Oh god damint thats what i wanted to say lol


Basically watching the replay of someone else’s battle BUT with other people and Live?


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