[Idea] Add back in the pull rocket


Since heat only hase 1 pull weapon why not make a E-M item like supream cannon but make it do pull? there was a weapon like this before reloaded and it would be cool to have it back, please think about addding this, but do you guys want it?

  • yes
  • no
  • needs some changes

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Looks like your poll is broken…
instead of a space, use the “enter” button, to send the [poll type=regular public=true] to the next line, it should works ^^

Secondo: the item in question was the mythical called “Backstabber”, it was shooting rockets at 45° toward the above of the opponent, and the shot striking the opponent was the line of rocket coming back into the back of the opponent ^^

And by the way, could you add the “Why not/Idc” option to poll please ? ^^


but we have desert snek. an e-m version will prolly alienate the snek from being in builds


Maybe a closer-range one with uses, somewhat like G.Cobra and D.Eagle ^^


Ah,like the BackStabber in Legacy times,eh?
Well…We already have the orb cannons (that pretty much nobody uses,expect very few) for long range pull and Night Eagle/Grim Cobra for medium-long range pull.
Not to say the blades that ‘‘pull’’ (it’s a jump over to the enermy,not really a pull but has the same effect) at close range.
Then again,a drone that pulls at any range.
These weapons can cover all ranges and inflict pull.

I doubt TS will add any more since they cover all ranges and are already pretty diversified.


He’s talking about heat only ^^

It would a heat-restricted weapon (I think)


@Sarah247 please think about adding this item, it may help heat bet back on there feet and will make a rocket king mk2


Lol a heat pull weapon would just screw you over even more when dealing with physicals


Dammit, Sarah can not add items into the damn game. She is the Community Manager… as in RUNS THE FORUMS not the game





Why do you think there are so many ideas and features posts but none actually got implemented?

(Mine did :stuck_out_tongue:)


Mhm, 2 of my ideas are in the game and 1 to be released, maybe this will be my 4th




How does it look like btw?


Just like the legacy version


Pic pls.


it is the top weapon


OOoooohhhh that one.
Yes,i really missed that thing.


Does heat really needs a pull weapon?


funny you mention that :wink: