[IDEA] A weapon idea


So there is Night Eagle , And Grim Cobra i think image , Which means a physical version and an electric version of this weapon , Since there is no heat version , Why not a heat version with : 46 Weight , Exp Damage : from 98-To maxed mythical 312 damage , 1 pull as always , 10 energy cost , 20 heat cost , 3-6 range , 2 uses on epic tier , Rest of leegndary tier and mythical 3 uses , So what do you guys think ?

  • Yes , I’d like to see this added
  • No , I wouldn’t like this

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There was one in before tha massive upgrade. There was even a heat version of Terror Cry.


Emmm we already got a red rain for it…


we already have the burning shower mate
no need for another heat pull weapon


Red Rain is legacy, you can’t obtain it anymore…

BS is actually a longer-range pull weapon…
Range 4-8, while NE and GC have 3-6 range, not to say that BS has 2 pull and NE/GC only one…

(and the 1-pull version of BS is Desert Snake, already having Phys and Energy counterpart, respectivly Might Cannon and Spinefall)


i guess you are right
we can have another heat pull weapon (goving heat the highest pull weapon ammount.it will have 3)
im still waitin for heat terror cry


Eeeeem, we take a rebuild version of it :sweat_smile:


Alright , looks like people are saying they wouldn’t like if a heat version of night eagle gets added , Well then , Thank you guys for participating , Stay Cool Guys


BS ^^

(not BullS***, but Burning Shower :grin: :joy_cat:)


burning shower is not a pull grenade launcher and yes a pull rocket launcher


I knew, why ?


this idea is good because 2 things 1rst no heat side/top grenade launchers and 2nd is reloaded version of red rain mk1 that is a pull rocket launcher i see but say that is wrong you need pick the right clues from your memory.


I basically understood nothing of what you saied…

Can you rephrase it, and add period/commas/dots please ? ^^


make a R-M drone that are good like CL based on 4 legacy items that are flying machine gun,Same name as before but larger,one shot one kill and death from above and i call it Doom


I think you confused topics ^^


for those that are thinking that im confunding topics my response is no it are just a balanced idea others ideas have like no,that would be never op im saying that:

  1. i learned to not make a overpowered idea
  2. make pls more R-M items have only 6 items C-M also too
  3. R-M items the most are good or meh at least is not a max mythical purifier in practice against another full max mythical mech and 1500 HP+ mechs with also high energy and heat
  4. make a good and balanced R-M not a trash mythical im talking about hot flash/flaminator in mythical


You realize that there is some comas and stuff , etc… Right ?


i see what ya typed
burning shower isnt a “grenade pull weapon” but its still a “pull” weapon


Can you quote the part instead of sending a screenshot please ?

Because I was repling to the

post ^^
And except the final dot, there is no ponctuation ^^