Id like to file a hack report bruh this dude used cheat engine

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The forum isn’t to post this, you should send it to tacticsoft…

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I think you should have sent a pm, now you just gave new ideas to all those"hackers" out there :frowning:

@Sarah247 @Mohadib

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For shits and giggles i downloaded cheat engine and tested this .

If you end someones life , it gives a you a loss. Theres an actual anti-cheat now.

Thanks devs :ok_hand:

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i send this shet 228 years ago to develop team. think the problem is they do not control battle in campaign to less load server.



Fucking cheater, ban is waiting for you[quote=“TechnoDive, post:1, topic:8634, full:true”] bruh this dude used cheat engine

I never thought that electrigamer would reach such a point …:neutral_face: